Green Tech: Is New Ford E-Transit The Best Electric Van in The World?

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With green vehicles being at the forefront of the automotive world, it seems like we are getting a lot closer to all-electric catalogs. While new electric vehicles being released, already iconic gasoline ones such as the Ford Transit are becoming EVs. Known as the Ford E-Transit, it may become the best electric van in the world soon.

To sum it up completely, this new van is supposed to combine the very best of the Transit – its practicality and versatility, and add clean green energy to the mix. Ideally, this should lower the running costs of each van and keep the environment clean. So, let’s take a closer look at the new E-Transit:

Powertrain and Numbers

Under the exterior of the new E-Transit, there’s an electric motor mated to a 67-kWh battery pack. This all-electric powertrain makes 266 hp and 317 lb-ft. A direct-drive or eCVT sends all of this to a rear-wheel drive system.

You can expect the new E-Transit to do up to 126 miles, should you charge it fully. While this may seem less for an EV today, remember that this is quite a heavy beast. Also, this type of range should be more than enough for any van driver’s daily routine.

As far as the charging is concerned, you can charge this up with DC fast charging in about half an hour to 80pc. You’ll be able to charge this van at your company’s depot, on a Ford charging station, or with your home charger.

The E-Transit is great at the numbers game since it boasts a maximum payload capacity of 4290 lbs. This is provided you get the E-Transit cutaway.

The E-Transit looks pretty good so far but what’s better is a reliable supply of genuine Ford parts, check out to know more.

Interior and Technology

Gone are the days in which vans used to be prudish as the new Ford E-Transit has all the room and comfort that makes the driver more productive. The interior is built with high quality materials and it has a very nice feel to it, plus the color options are nice.

Also, it has more features than many passenger cars today. That’s right, this is a van with a lot of features that make it ideal for business use. You’ll be in shock when you see the standard and optional features.

In addition to a 12-inch touchscreen with satnav and a 6-speaker stereo, you get several other tech features, including but not limited to push-button ignition, and keyless entry. For a more luxurious touch, you can also upgrade to vinyl seats.

As far as practicality is concerned, there’s a fair amount of equipment, like a 2.4-kW onboard generator, and Ford’s E-Telematics system being given as complementary for a certain period of time.

But we’re not done yet since there are a handful of standard safety systems offered. Automated emergency braking and lane-departure warning (w/lane-keeping assist) are two of them. There are several attractive amenities on the options list as well.


The difference between the Transit EV and the gasoline version is the blue grille up front. The practicality remains the same with the three different body types. But that’s not all as you can find more than one package on the body styles as well.

If you get the cutaway, you can create your very own type of van as the cabin has been left exposed from behind the seats. If you get the chassis van, the cabin will be separated from the rest of the van. Again, you can turn that into your very own setup.  

But if you’re not too keen on making modifications, you can simply get the cargo van. This offers numerous body styles based on your needs. And yes, the new E-Transit should be available with a version that’s just for seating a crew of passengers.


The new Ford Transit EV has a starting price of $47990 and Ford offers the basic cutaway van for this price. However, the other two body types aren’t too far off when you look at their price tags.


The new Ford E-Transit – like its gasoline variant – is a reliable and affordable option for all sorts of businesses. It comes with a variety of quirks and features, that make it a great choice for a wide range of consumers.

The electric powertrain lowers the running costs by quite a bit. The E-Transit is also covered by an extensive warranty, making it a wise investment for those looking for a long-term solution to their transportation needs.