Health Services to Promote Healthy Living

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Did you know being optimistic can help you live longer? Your health should be a priority in your life; usually, every little thing about your life probably impacts your health. The good thing is you can make healthy choices today and better your health. Things like involving yourself in regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating healthy, can make a big difference. Working with health professionals such as Maryam Yamani MD at CHW Cares is also critical for healthy living. Here we give the available service at CHW Cares that will promote your health.

Primary Care

It is the medical care you need when you experience a health problem. Your primary care provider is your first stop to go to when in need of medical care. It is essential to have a trusted primary care medical provider who can attend to your health needs whenever they arise.

Primary care is efficient in managing your chronic health conditions, attending to your medical check-ups, and any other health service that does not require specialization.

 Here are among the services available at the primary care level;

·         Diabetes management

·         Asthma treatment and management

·         Nutritional therapy

·         Allergy evaluation and treatment

·         Wellness exams

·         Physical exams

Your primary care provider offers comprehensive care, including diagnosing and treating various health issues. They also provide recommendations on healthy living to reduce your risk of health complications.

Dental Care

Dental issues affect your overall health. CHW Cares offers quality and advanced dental care to restore your dental health and smile.

Some of the available dental services include the following;

·         Teeth whitening

·         Root canals

·         Teeth cleaning

·         Dental fillings

Let your teeth and smile do the talking with these excellent dental services at CHW Cares.

Pain & Physical Therapy

Pain is a part of life; in some cases, it is manageable or may resolve on its own. But when pain disrupts your peace and your daily routine, make sure to seek medical care.

Different factors can result in pain, including injuries and accidents. Whatever the cause of your pain, the team at CHW Cares offers excellent pain management services to relieve pain and restore your health. They also work to reinstate and improve your function after recovery.

They offer the following services;

·         Acupuncture

·         Orthopedics

·         Pain management medicine

·         Physical medicine & rehabilitation

·         Physical therapy

Senior Care

The body naturally becomes weak as we grow older. Various changes occur, including your body’s immune system becomes low. It makes you vulnerable to diseases and health complications.

Senior care is therefore essential to help you deal with issues that arise during your old age. It promotes your health by lowering your risk of health complications and providing the necessary care needed during this period.

Senior care deals with health issues common with the older generation, including the following.

·         Eyecare

·         Foot health

·         Endocrinology

·         Heart health

·         Diabetes

·         High blood pressure

·         Diabetes

·         Asthma

Your senior care provider ensures they provide all the care you need for managing your health and promoting your life quality. They offer personalized care to meet your specific health needs. Call CHW Cares to schedule your consultation for all your health concerns.