How to boost your WordPress site conversion rate?

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All businesses nowadays have websites. Having a website for your business becomes an essential part since it lets people give more trust for your business. Since WordPress dominates more than 40% of the web, I guess that your business as well has a site built on WordPress and we will discuss at this article how to boost your WordPress site conversion rate.

What’s Conversion rate?

First, let us start with the definition of “Conversion rate”. Conversion rate means the number of people who visit your website and complete a desired goal. It doesn’t mean the number of your site visits only. If you have an e-commerce store for example, then conversion rate means the number of people go to your website and purchase your products. That’s what we call “conversion”.

Ways to increase WordPress conversion rate

There are a lot of ways you can take to boost conversion rate but we will discuss only the best ways:

1- Optimize UI design for your site

Your website design is one of the most important factors that lets people trust you more and purchase your products happily. If your site is ugly, a few people will purchase your products.

You may need to hire a web designer or use ready WordPress plugins like Elementor, WPForms or Quill Forms, the best Typeform alternative plugin.

2- Make your contact form fields as less as possible

If you are depending on contact forms for conversions, then you should think about how to make your form interactive and conversational to motivate your customers to complete their purchases. We recommend doing your own search to find the best WordPress quiz plugin.

3- Make the website mobile responsive

Most people nowadays use mobile to view websites so you need to make sure that your site works perfectly on small screens. Some sites look great on desktop but not on mobile. You have to pay attention to this point.

4- “Call to action” buttons

One of the most powerful things that attract users to complete their purchase is “Call to actions” buttons. They need to be clear and have a good design with a cool background and some transitions on hover. This will be really helpful.


In this article we quickly covered 4 ways to optimize your conversion rate on your WordPress site. We  recommend finding blog posts to find  the best survey plugins like for example: Quill Forms’  best WordPress survey plugins that can definitely help to motivate users to spend much time on your website.