How to choose an SEO agency?

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Anyone who has a website has certainly heard of SEO, an activity that should not be missing in a good marketing strategy nowadays. Having a site and not knowing how to exploit it is the biggest mistake you can make. So why is SEO important? And what does this word literally mean?

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to all those types of activities aimed at improving the positioning of a website on search engines and pushing it among the first results when a user performs a specific search. The aim is to increase traffic to the site, taking advantage of the greater visibility obtained at the end of the activities. A site can be beautiful and very accurate in graphics and content, but if people do not find it, it is of little use. If conceived as a marketing tool, the website cannot be limited to being only visually appealing, but must be found by the right people at the right time and SEO is one of the ways to do it.

SEO and business

When we talk about SEO for business, we refer to a series of techniques and strategies that allow the owner of a website to “beat” the competition and make their business more visible. Specifically, to achieve this result it is essential to design truly effective website architecture, to be able to optimize each title and meta tags, create good link building and effectively optimize content. These are just some of the useful techniques to create an SEO that it really works, to which it is essential to add technical and market analysis skills and certainly a large dose of experience, for this reason it is always advisable to contact professionals in the sector.

The optimization of a site for search engines obviously starts from the observation and analysis of competitors and related products or services that dominate the first pages of the search engine. This analysis makes it possible to identify the keywords by which the competition has managed to position itself: in this way a strategy can be created to “counterattack”. As a rule, and unlike what many think, SEO must take shape in conjunction with the creation of a site: in this way it will be optimized even before being put online.

Positioning in the top positions of the SERP also means making brand awareness, or being able to create greater awareness of a certain brand in users. How many times have we used search engines to get an idea of ​​which brands can coincide with our needs? That’s why for the companies that want to build awareness and loyalty around their brand it is important to invest in SEO. SEO helps to have a bigger impact on social media as well. The importance that social networks have today cannot be overlooked in the experience of users who surf the web. We must also think that it is a two-way relationship, the one between SEO and social media.

But how to choose an SEO agency?

To choose an SEO agency it is first of all important to understand how SEO works. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, encompasses all those procedures aimed at increasing the positioning on Google of a website, or aimed at making it appear on the front page for certain search keywords. It is not always easy to choose a SEO agency that deals with these procedures at 360 ° as SEO includes three fundamental branches:

SEO on Site

SEO off Site

SEO on Page

These three sectors are completely different from each other and therefore require a lot of skills and knowledge to properly carry out every aspect of SEO.

SEO on Site

It includes a series of operations that strictly concern the speeding up of the website and its general security.

SEO off Site

SEO off site mainly concerns linkbuilding, i.e. the construction of a network of internal and external links to the website.

SEO on Page

This branch of SEO mainly concerns the drafting of texts with particular keywords and requires familiarity with writing and with the main analysis tools such as Semrush.

How do I choose an online SEO agency?

Among the many SEO agencies present online it is not easy to decide which one to rely on, for this reason it is necessary to choose a top rated SEO agency. Among the numerous SEO agencies you will need to make sure you find one that does all that SEO entails. Many times, in fact, there is the risk of finding SEO agencies that do not have a referent for linkbuilding, or that do not take care of making the site fast, or that do not have an expert copywriter in writing texts from an SEO perspective.

Therefore, when choosing your agency you will need to make sure that you are choosing a complete 360 ​​° agency that takes care of your website from A to Z.

How much does it cost me?

The greater your investment in SEO, the greater the visibility of your website. It is therefore an initial investment on your site, which brings numerous advantages over time. In fact, a SEO project allows your site to be continuously visited by interested users, who will find it through specific keywords.

Beware of SEO agencies that promise miracles!

SEO requires a lot of patience, time and dedication. For this reason it is important to try to be realistic. Unfortunately, working miracles is impossible, so you won’t be able to have millions of users in a few weeks, but you can have hundreds, which will become thousands in months. Always pay attention to those who promise exorbitant numbers at very low figures, it could be an alarm bell, as you could eventually find yourself without the agreed results. Some SEO agencies also carry out ranking guarantees, which is a controversial topic. Securing SEO positioning is complex, so not all agencies feel like taking this important step. There are many factors that Google takes into consideration for the positioning of an online site, so it is extremely difficult to predict a final result. However, you can ask agencies for a case study from previous clients to evaluate a work already done and the success or failure of the result. Pay the utmost attention to your choice, but don’t forget to hear more than one opinion in order to compare quotes, people and the quality of the work done by the web agency.