How To Design An Interactive E-Commerce Website with Template Monster

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An interactive e-commerce website should be able to grab the attention of a customer right away. Imagine visiting an e-commerce website, where products are not categorized! This would be a horrible situation, particularly if the e-commerce website sells apparel online.

If the website wants to make an interactive website, then it would ask the visitors their gender, and then show them products accordingly. For example, women would easily land on apparel for women, without wasting any time.

There are several interactive e-commerce website designs available on These designs would fully help new business entrepreneurs choose the best design for their website, and how they can make it more interactive.

When making an interactive website, i.e. one which would have an influence on the visitor, there are several features that a web designer should include.

User Friendly

A website should have a user friendly interface, one which is simple and can be easily navigated. Online seller have seconds to make a sale, and that they can achieve if they focus on their user interface.

The visual navigation of an e-commerce website, should be effective. This means that, whatever the products a company sells, their visual representation should be on the landing page.

Mobile Friendly Website

An interactive e-commerce website is a mobile friendly website. When people buy things online, they mostly use mobile apps or the website on their mobile. This is because, they can use their mobile to buy things, anywhere and anytime. They don’t have to open their laptop to make a purchase.

A website should be designed in a way that, it opens in a mobile browser the same way it opens on a laptop. The pages should load at good speed and properly. If the pages are slow to load, and there are images or information missing, then the customer is less likely to buy from that website.

Photos & Videos

Posting one picture with bullet points as a description of a product, is the thing of the past. Nowadays, people prefer to see the product they are buying in a higher resolution. They want to see multiple angles of the product, especially if they are buying a shirt. They even want to zoom in, and get an actual feel of the product. This is what makes an e-commerce website so interesting. It allows the customer to make an informed choice about what he wants to buy.

There are so many template designs on, which allow users to choose the design of their website. These templates not only show how products will be categorized, but shows how they will appear on the website.

Shopify Automotive Theme by Template Mosters

One of the extremely profitable and high-investment business is selling auto parts to the car lovers, you are doing it by your own hands and mechanics. Moreover, in case you transform it into an e-commerce business is going to make it immense actually. You should avoid releasing your site if you are already doing auto part business and now want to establish an online store. Template design comes at the first in the list of most essential parts for the success of an e-commerce website. Here we are giving you a list of which you should take a look at Shopify themes in case you require to set up an online store to sell car products. 

Template Monster offers an Auto Parts Responsive Shopify Theme known as the shopify automotive theme, which is available or car, vehicle, and automotive stores. It has features like a dropdown menu, search engine optimized code, jQuery effects, newsletter integration, and more.