How to Get More Free Instagram Followers Fast and Free

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Every minute, someone in the world gains over a thousand followers. If you are still stuck somewhere around 50 to 100, or maybe even below that, we understand your pain. Whether it be for likes or followers, Instagram is a platform that is built around this concept.

Finding Instagram followers free would have been an impossible task a few years ago, but there are dedicated applications to do that. GetInsta is one of those applications that intend to get the job done using a clean interface.

Here is an in-depth review of GetInsta:

How to get followers or likes through GetInsta


GetInsta is available for both Windows and Android platforms. You can download the applications from the official website. Unfortunately, the application is not available on the Play Store – mainly because it violates Google’s terms of getting something for free. Oh, and no iPhone application too. In any case, if you do own an iPhone, you are better off using the Windows version anyways. 


Here is a simple step-to-step guide on how to get free Instagram followers & likes through GetInsta:

  • Install GetInsta and make your free GetInsta account. You will be gifted with a few pretty coins.
  • Link your Instagram account so GetInsta knows where to send likes and followers to. 
  • Redeem your coins for any number of followers and likes. The more the followers and likes you want, the more the coins you need. 
  • Though you can get Instagram followers free, you can also spend real-life money to get these followers. It is far more efficient than using Instagram ads or any other platform. 
How to Get Free Instagram Followers on GetInsta

Tips to use GetInsta

Here are some tips that can help you get more followers and likes through GetInsta:

You can always get more Coins

Login every day and you will receive coins. Additionally, every day, you will also receive special tasks like following other people that use GetInsta or liking their posts. A simple like usually gives you around 20 coins while a follow is about 100 coins each. The rewards are bound to change in the future, but the prices right now are pretty easy. 

The only Referral Scheme that Works

If you think that you are not getting enough coins a day using these tasks, you can also refer friends to get more coins. You not only get coins for referring your friends, but whenever they earn some, you also earn a portion of their coins. Imagine referring to a hundred friends and getting around 10 coins from each one every day. That is about a thousand coins each day. 

You can also Buy Coins

The better thing about GetInsta is the option to buy coins if you think that you can’t get enough coins otherwise. 50 likes & followers cost about $5.99, while 100 cost $9.99. However, it scales considerably well in the upper brackets. If you go for 1000 likes & followers, you can get them for only $59.99. 

Final Thoughts:

We hope that this simple review on how to use GetInsta and the tips to use GetInsta better have helped you find everything you needed to know about this free Instagram followers platform.