How to Know if your Dog Loves You

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As a passionate and loving dog owner, it can often feel as if you both speak entirely the same language, with your dog being able to identify what you are going to say before you say it and vice versa.

However, in actual fact there are far more differences between dogs and humans other than the fact they speak a different language. One such difference is how they express love, trust and affection. With that being said, continue reading to learn how to know if your dog loves you.

Your Dog Stares into Your Eyes

Eye contact is indeed a powerful communicator between one human being and another and on this point, dogs are exactly the same.

If your pampered pooch tends to watch you from over the other side of the room and stare deeply into your eyes, then this is one of the easiest-to-detect signs that they absolutely adore you. When your dog looks into your eyes, their brain releases a hormone called oxytocin, which is the identical hormone which is released in the brains of mothers and their newborn babies.

Your Dog Carries Your Shoes Around

If you feel as if you are constantly telling your dog to leave your shoes, socks, underwear and anything else you have ever worn alone and to stop carrying them around in their mouth, then as annoying as this may be, your dog truly loves you.

Remember, however, that some fabrics and items which have easily detachable plastic hardware could dislodge and cause breathing problems, some dogs have even chewed and swallowed entire items of clothing. So be sure to have the number of an experienced vet, such as the trail crossing veterinary clinic, to hand.

Your Dog Leans Against You

If you are happily sitting on the sofa whilst watching television, playing a video game or simply having a well-earned daytime snooze and your dog jumps up beside you and leans their entire body into you, they are showing you a great deal of affection.

You will most likely find that even if you share your home with a large family your dog will only do this with one of you and this behavior is a sure sign that you are the favorite. It is also important to note that, if your dog seems to do this too much, it could well be a sign of attachment syndrome and in this instance, you should try and encourage them to sit on their own for at least some of the time.

Your Dog Gives You a Big Smile

For people who are not what they would call a dog-lover, the notion of a dog smiling back at their owner sounds somewhat preposterous.

In reality, it is entirely true that some breeds of dogs, especially those who are considered to be more intelligent than others, learn how to pull back their lips and smile with their teeth and do so when emulating their human. If your dog smiles at you in this way, you can absolutely guarantee that you are now their best friend in the world.