How To Understand the Cause of Your Leg Pain

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Your legs support your body weight every day you walk and are crucial in aiding you in completing your daily tasks. It is necessary to see a podiatrist regularly to maintain good health of your legs and avoid complications. Leg pain is common and can be caused by multiple factors. It is important to consult a prospect Lefferts Gardens foot pain specialist to understand the nature of your pain before taking any action. Getting to the root of your condition can help you understand the best way to manage it and prevent it in the future. The following tips can help you trace your leg pain.

Improve Hydration

Dehydration often causes several health complications including muscle cramps. Evaluate how hydrated you are if you suspect your leg pain is due to muscle cramping. How often do you take water and how much do you take? Dehydration is a common issue but can be solved by drinking plenty of water and investing in drinks containing electrolytes to balance minerals in your body. Medical experts recommend you take about 8 glasses of water daily.

Evaluate Your Workout Routine

Intense exercises can cause muscle pain in different parts of your body including the legs. Think of the nature of activities and exercises you have been undertaking lately and take a break to see if your situation improves. Understand that pain due to strenuous exercises might not manifest immediately but after a few days. Talk to your doctor about your exercise routine to help them guide you accordingly. Additionally, note any sudden changes you might have taken in your activity level.

Think of Injuries

Leg pain could be due to injuries like sprains or torn tendons or muscles. Recall getting an injury and report it to your doctor for inspection. But some injuries might not cause sudden pain and it is necessary to inspect yourself for any injury that may have occurred without your consent. Some injuries can also be internal and it is necessary to see a doctor soon if you suspect it.

Consider Circulation Issues

Leg pain can also result from circulation issues. Varicose veins, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and gout are some circulation complications that can be associated with leg pain. Talk to your doctor if you are enduring any of these conditions to understand if they are to blame for your pain. You can try wearing compression stockings but ensure you get the right type to see if it improves your symptoms. Leg pain accompanied by tingling sensations in the toes or feet could indicate peripheral artery disease.

Less Common Causes of Leg Pain

Some factors like bone cancer, sciatica, and cyst can cause leg pain but are less common. You will need to see a doctor who will determine if any of these factors are to blame for your pain. Some of them can worsen over time and that is crucial not to attempt self-treatment before an accurate diagnosis. Sciatica pain is definitive as it originates from the lower back shooting down through your buttocks to your legs. You can try taking some painkillers as you plan for your visit to the doctor.

Getting to the root of your leg pain is critical before attempting any treatments. Get in touch with the LaSante Health Center specialists if you are experiencing leg pain for an accurate diagnosis. You can schedule your appointment online or via a call.