How to Use a Clip-On Selfie Light?

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The time is gone when you need to ask others to take your pictures. Now, everyone is his own photographer. With a smartphone in your hands, snapping a picture is not a big deal.

However, Selfies taken in dim or unnatural light can be gloomy, unattractive, and grainy. Moreover, it is also not enough to take pictures in natural light. This is when Selfie light comes into play. Selfie light brightens up the surroundings and makes your Selfie a specially scheduled shoot.

As the trend of using ring light evolved, photographers, filmmakers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, makeup artists, and other social media users highly relied on taking pictures, videos, or selfies with a ring light.

Apart from social media users and other professionals, other people also document their life with selfies using clip-on Selfie lights. Other than that, people often use clip-on Selfie lights in their zoom meetings as an addition to work from home setups.

If you also want such an amazing addition to your picture/Selfie taking equipment, stay tuned to know about clip-on Selfie lights and the best and affordable clip-on Selfie lights available in the market:

What Is A Selfie Light?

Before we know how to use clip-on selfie light, let’s first understand what a selfie light is.

Selfie light is a light fixing apparatus that can be attached to a smartphone or set in front of the one taking a Selfie.

The Selfie light that is set in front of you is somewhat different from the selfie light attached to smartphones and is generally known as a standard ring light.

A standard ring light is a circular ring with a hollow center. The LED inside the hollow circle gives a flashlight. You can either place a smartphone or camera in the center of the ring light to take pictures. This whole arrangement can be set up over a stand or tripod.

The standard ring light isn’t helpful in only taking selfies. Professional photographers, filmmakers, and makeup artists use standard ring lights in their work.

What Is Clip-on Selfie Light?

If you look at the selfie light, you will see a smaller version of the standard ring light. It doesn’t have a stand or tripod and can be easily clipped to the top part of the smartphone. And that is why it is often named clip-on-selfie light.

Except for the professionals, a big ring light can be extremely difficult to handle. As a result, people now prefer mini clip-on selfie lights that are attachable to smartphones and other accessories too.

Benefits of Clip-on Selfie Light

  1. Clip-on selfie light highlights all your features and illuminates the picture. Unlike mobile camera flashlights, selfie light does not put stress on your eyes nor cause eye blinking or scrunching up of your face while taking a selfie. Instead, the selfie light stays uniform all the time with no quick bursts of flash to force blink your eyes.

So, you can get the best pictures without worrying about red eyes, closed eyes, or scrunched faces.

  • Clip-on selfie lights are ideal for people who take casual selfies and don’t hesitate to take pictures with their hands rather than relying on a selfie stick.
  • As a clip-on selfie light is smaller and portable, this makes it cost-effective for a general audience.
  • The circular selfie light gives a pleasant eye catch. This means that the light reflection will not cause a weird-shaped eye effect in the pictures. It will also prevent the red-eye effect and glare.
  • If you are a selfie pro, you may know that pictures look unnatural and different in harsh and fluorescent lighting. With selfie light, flash spreads uniformly in a circular shape, and no feature goes missing. Soft and uniform light prevents any harshness and gives a natural look.

How to Use Clip-On Selfie Light?

Here is the correct way of using clip-on selfie light to get perfected pictures without additional processing:

Before directly using clip-on selfie light, you should refer to the instruction manual of your specific clip-on selfie light. It will help you understand the attachment procedure of selfie light.

  1. Clip-on the selfie light on top of your smartphone. Once you have securely attached it, turn on the light
  2. Now, open your phone selfie camera. Test whether the light is working properly. If you think that light is not enough or more than required, you can adjust the light with a dimmer
  3. Hold your device at different angles and take some pictures to see how selfie light affects different shots taken at various angles

Remember that clip-on selfie light needs batteries to work. Batteries can be rechargeable or non-rechargeable. If you have non-rechargeable batteries and go outside, always keep batteries compatible with your selfie light. If batteries finish, just remove them and insert the new ones and start retaking pictures.

Other Uses of Clip-On Selfie Light

Other than taking selfies, clip-on selfie lights can serve the following purposes:

1.  Easy Makeup Application

Your clip-on selfie light is not only attached on top of your smartphone. In poor light conditions, you can attach it to your makeup covers and get a flawless look. Later, you can take beautiful shots.

2.  Snap Delicious Meals

It is a great way to take an art shot of delicious meals. As it’s portable, you can place it in your handbag or pocket and take food clips whenever you need.

3.  Add Light to Your Live Videos

Else, use it for your Facebook lives or Instagram feed. Selfie light will provide great light to your videos and still photography.

4.  Before And After Images

Additionally, lash, and eyebrow technicians can use the selfie lights to capture important “before and after images.”

The Best Clip-on Selfie Light – Auxiwa Clip Selfie Light

Auxiwa selfie light is portable and convenient to use. It is the only selfie light with a unique clip-on design that can be attached to all smartphones.

Auxiwa selfie light comes up with three adjustable brightness settings with 36 LED bulbs. These different brightness levels can complement various light temperatures and surroundings.

It is also worth noting that the Auxiwa selfie light is not as bright as other selfie lights.

When you attach it to your phone, the soft gel strip protects your phone from scratches. Just make sure not to cover up the front camera with it.

It is powered by rechargeable batteries that can work excellently for several hours without the need for recharging. So, if you are outdoors, it can be recharged directly from your phone.


Your clip-on selfie light can be your way to go accessory. With a selfie light, you can step up your selfie game. You can use it at your home to capture all your loveable moments or use it for vlogging, zoom meetings, or when applying makeup.

Auxiwa selfie light is the only clip-on selfie ring light that we recommend you get rid of dull or unflattering selfies once and for all.

So grab your clip-on selfie light now and start the fun.