How to Use Your Computer to Make More Money

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There are loads of ways to make money these days. Actually, there are so many you might not really know where to start. If you’ve got a computer, there are actually options for you that you won’t really have to leave the house for. That’s a huge change in the employment potential for many people. While not all of the ideas in this article are for full-time work, some of them could go that way. For others, they’re a great way to simply earn a bit of extra cash from the comfort of your own home. There are so many ways to make money on your computer from home, it’s hard to know where to start. But let’s have a look at some of the best options for you….


You’ve already heard of Ebay, surely. Only you might not be aware that there’s a market on there for almost anything. That means if you’ve got access to some products people might want to buy, you can make money from them. Maybe you just want to clear out some old junk and make a bit i the process, or you might want a more sustainable long-term option to make more and more money in the future. Both of these things can be achieved with eBay, and you only really need a computer and internet access to get started.


Etsy is an online marketplace for making and selling arts and crafts. So if you’ve got a particular skill or have access to someone who does, you could make more than you think from this. For many, it has become a full-time business and a real money maker.

Web design

Web design skills are obviously in high demand on the internet. So if you know how to make a web page, people might pay you to do one for them. You can either find independent clients or work on a freelance site, which leads us to our next option….


Yes, web design and many other types of work could have been included here, but that kind of deserved it’s own category. However, there are loads of other ways to make money with freelancing sites like Guru. All sorts of skills are demand and you could get paid well for them.

Gambling and betting

Online betting sites have seen massive growth in recent years. They’re another good way to make some money, although you will have to be careful. Try one of many generous welcome bonus offers to see if you can make even more before you get started.


Surveys won’t make you rich, but they could make you a bit of extra money reasonably easily. All sorts of companies will pay for your opinion on stuff, either with cash or things like Amazon vouchers.


If you can teach a language, musical instrument or something else, you might be able to do it online for money with your own computer.