Importance of Digital Marketing in Businesses

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A successful business has a strong marketing presence. It helps the business reach various markets, boost sales and build a reputable brand image. However, marketing is not a concept that can be followed by the book for centuries. With time, marketing evolves with the flow of the current generation’s focuses and interests.

Digital marketing as a concept began in the early 1900’s with the emergence of the Web. Eventually with the growth of technology and social media, the majority of today’s population around the world are connected via the internet, and hence, no better place to market than in the digital forum.

Let’s first understand the stance of digital marketing in India and then dive into the importance of digital marketing and how you can pursue it.

Digital Marketing in India

With the debut of Flipkart, an e-commerce website in 2007, India’s marketing structure was transformed. The number of individuals picking up mobile phones, online purchasing, at-home delivery, and internet marketing as a way of popularising the companies increased as a result.

With its promised potential to form a worldwide network and thrive even tiny enterprises abroad, the Digital Marketing Industry has grown over the years, bringing a substantial percentage of companies online.

India has been experiencing a golden time of digital marketing development since 2013, according to the International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation, and the trend is expected to continue at least through 2020.

Top Factors Showcasing the Importance of Digital Marketing

We have understood the rise and relevance of digital marketing in India. With that let’s understand why digital marketing is so important for businesses today, may it be a startup or a large corporation.

1. Targeting the Set Niche –

Imagine how beneficial it would be to reach out to the perfect audience for your business’s specialty. That is precisely what digital marketing facilitates. You may track your audience’s online behaviour and take steps to ensure maximum fulfilment. When you target the correct audience, you get more visitors, which leads to stronger marketing.

2. Cost-Effectiveness –

Motive of business is to provide while creating profits. They constantly find ways to save on costs while not compromising on their products and services. Among various other forms of marketing, digital marketing is one that requires the least investment. Enterprises of any scale – especially small, will benefit greatly from this. The majority of digital marketing solutions provide basic functions for free.

3. International Reach –

The best part of using a digital platform is its ability to reach markets outside one’s country. You may connect with overseas consumers and collaborate with them to build your business globally with the aid of digital marketing services.

4. Brand Awareness –

The first step towards sales is to introduce the business in the market. With the help of various tools offered via digital marketing like pay-per-click, social media campaigns and more, traffic can build around one’s brand.

5. Greater Returns –

Digital marketing, unlike conventional marketing, offers a better return on investment and conversion rate, which means it generates more income. What’s more, when you use digital marketing to promote your company, you’ll pay less.

So, How Can You Incorporate Digital Marketing in Your Business?

To get started or incorporate effective digital marketing to improve your businesses, following are the few basics you can start on –

1. Digital Marketing Strategy

This step entails a plan that lays out how your company will achieve its marketing objectives using online channels such as search and social media.

Most strategy plans will include the internet channels and digital marketing methods you’ll employ, as well as how much you’ll spend on each.

2. Study

If you operate a small business and want to cut expenses, acquire the essential skills of digital marketing to help your company grow. You can engage an agency to help you with digital marketing if you have enough money, but it’s always essential to know what you’re paying for and hiring.

IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course, covers all the aspects of digital marketing in a span of 90 days. This will keep you up to speed on the most successful marketing methods available today.

3. Usage of SEO

When it comes to digital marketing techniques, SEO should be considered a must-have. The goal of SEO is to increase the amount of traffic that your website receives from members of your target demographic.

These are customers who are actively looking for your products and services.

4. Content Marketing

On your company’s website, create a blog component. The things you should discuss should be related to the industry in which your company operates.

This will improve your chances of presenting your firm to the public and increasing website traffic.

5. Corporate Training

Every business has a marketing department, both traditional and digital. However, if you discover that your company’s marketing techniques are resulting in a static reach with no progress, it’s critical to hold a training session for your employees.

IIDE, India’s best Digital Marketing Institute, offers the ideal corporate training in digital marketing to improve your company’s digital marketing results.


Digital marketing provides a fantastic potential for your company to expand and achieve new heights. You’ll be able to launch a variety of digital marketing initiatives to help your company achieve its goals.

Using internet marketing tactics is incredibly cost-effective. Because you don’t have to invest a lot of money to execute a campaign, this allows for a high ROI. With digital marketing, you can keep track of your efforts as they progress. You can determine whether they are successful or need to be improved.

Every company’s major online presence is their website, hence it is vital for it to be a professional and user-friendly website. To learn more about why you need a good layout and how to get one, read our article ‘Should I Hire A Web Designer?