Influencer Marketing Agency: Top 5 Advantages

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The new age marketing, also known as Word-of-mouth marketing is blooming and to tap the potential, influencer marketing agencies are sprouting everywhere. Do you know, benefit of an Influencer marketing agency? The latest reports point to the emergence of 1590 agencies in the last 5 years. Each agency has their USP (Unique selling point), each providing a platform to increase the ROI (return on Investment) to business, each wants to establish themselves as a keystone player.

Business houses, start-ups, and even MNCs have realised the potential of Influencer marketing agencies. As agencies have experience, expertise, influencer-consumer database, latest tools & technology, and everything you need to drive your target consumers to your business. According to a study, they can help you unlock the true influencer marketing ROI which is $5-$20 for every $1 invested on an average. It is also considerable, at this point that the 5 out of 100 businesses who found their position at the bottom informed that they chose wrong Influencers for their business or produced non-worthy content in association with an influencer which resulted in lower engagements and eventually they did not help them reach the expected ROI.

Hence, it becomes very crucial to choose the right influencer/s for a given product. The importance of influencer marketing agencycomes into prominence. They provide expertise in providing a brand specific strategy as the influencer marketing industry is becoming customer-centric; the age of product centric business models is near its oblivion. Let us give some light on influencer marketing agency benefits.

Top 5 Advantages of An Influencer Marketing Agency

1. Performance Based Action

Influencer marketing is a multi-sectoral approach towards increasing product sales. The best influencer marketing talks in terms of numbers, data and results. It is not necessary that an influencer having the highest number of followers is a proper candidate. It becomes tough to separate the account which can provide best results on the basis of numerous factors. An influencer marketing agency is laced up with data on various factors like content quality, engagement rate, past collaborations, fake followers’ assessments etc. they make the decision on the factors with guaranteed results.

2. Platform Oriented Content Strategy

The preferred choices of different age verticals are varied. Studies show, 13-24 age bracket prefer Instagram, 24- above prefer Facebook. Each platform has their pros and cons. An influencer marketing agency has understanding of the platform on a micro level. This gives them an edge over decisions and strategy. They are a group of experts in utilising the right strategy at the right social media platform. This leads to quality leads and organic development of the product. As the influencer & product positioning plays a very important role. Influencer marketing agencies help you increase brand recognition, inspire purchase decisions and most importantly create trust.

3. Cost Optimisation

Businesses taking individual decisions through individual research and understanding, often face dilemmas, and this dilemma leads to wrong decisions or improper results. The campaigns are costly and each penny is important for a business to prosper. The advantage of working with an influencer marketing agency is concentrated efforts, while the business houses can focus on their domain specific work. The agency can brainstorm the strategies for the business and produce superlative results. This can multiply the profit to cost ratio for the parties involved.

4. Building Trust And Transparency

Consumers of this age exhibit a tendency on reliability on word-of-mouth marketing via their influencers. The consumers have trust and are in agreement with their influencers. Any product, demystified via the influencer, has a great impact on the purchasing decisions of the consumers. Ideally, this transcends the trust and transparency of consumers towards the product and involved organisation. The data driven approaches in particular provide augmented results, and ultimately help massively in establishing the digital footprint of the product.

5. Long Term Results: High Returns And Revenues

The returns in monetary terms are obviously high. But, the return in terms of recognition, uses, brand avocation, reliance, etc. is very high. The benefits of using influencer marketing agencies for business are numerous, presenting curated contents which are elastic in designing and presentation, penetrating the organic audience and their psychology. Through the recommendation based marketing model the product establishes its identity. The reviews, testimonials, and satisfaction of the sales of the product increases. The older notion of steady approach stands true, but the consumption here is in leaps and bounds. In the long term the positive attributes help massively in growing the company.


An influencer marketing agency is a data-driven field. The database helps in curating strategies and brand specific niche. It amplifies the factors, time, money resource and experience in relation to the product and provide the highest Return on investment. The influencer marketing agency has advantages and plays the role, which Adam Smith credited as “an invisible hand” for guiding the economy of the influencer marketing domain.

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