Know More about PFAS and How can You Get Rid of It?

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PFAS stands for polyfluoroalkyl substances that are harmful to humans. They are known for repelling oil and water and do not get decomposed easily. Moreover, they are widely used in many industries in our daily life such as packaging. It is important to consider PFAS analysis in New Jersey done for your tab water so that you can ensure that your family is drinking safe water. Since they do not break down easily, you can experience many health issues such as high blood pressure.

The dangers of PFAS

It has been studied that this chemical does not get broken down so easily and has been used in industries:

  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Electronics
  • Firefighting

It is also known as the forever chemical and gets dissolved in the water easily. That’s why scientists have come up with the concern that their levels may rise in the environment and cause health threats to human beings. Many industries are still using this chemical at various stages of the production of materials.

Health concerns arising from PFAS

Several health issues can be associated with PFAS and some of them are:

  • Changes in the immune system
  • High blood pressure
  • Lower birth weight
  • Risks of testicle and kidney cancer
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Low blood pressure in pregnant women
  • Thyroid issues

You may not know that you are getting exposed to PFAS. Some of the instances are:

  • Water and soil to grow plants and food
  • Through packaging of certain materials and even food
  • Processing equipment
  • Public water systems
  • Taps
  • Well water
  • Lakes and ponds

The groundwater can also contain these chemicals. It is important to contact officials to know about the water quality in your area.

Beauty products containing PFAS

One of the shocking news about this chemical is that it is also used in the manufacturing of beauty products. It is used to give them a smooth and shiny look because it affects the texture and consistency of the beauty product. A study was conducted that showed that a number of beauty products have this chemical in them. Some of these products are waterproof mascara, foundation, nail polish, shaving cream, cleanser, eyeliner, lotions, lip products, and eye shadow.

If you want to ensure that your family remains healthy for a long time, you should get PFAS tested and analyzed well on time.