Mini EDC Ballpoint Pen- That has to be in your Pocket immediately, Open, and Ready to Use

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Since I wrote the piece “5 Super small pocket tools” a few days ago, I’ve been on a short EDC kick. Seeing as how that article had a pen in it, I began considering additional small writing instruments that might be suitable for everyday carry. EDC Ballpoint pens are the topic of today’s article. Please share your thoughts on the best pocket pen. The popular Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen is not included on this list because it would be too predictable, and also because I find the pressurized refills invariably result in a globby writing tip, which is why I don’t like using them.

The EDC system is described as.

In layman’s terms, a clinical trial’s patient data is stored in an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system. Paper records are often used as a starting point, with the data later being transcribed and stored in an electronic case report format (CRF). Electronic data capture (EDC) software is being used by a growing number of clinical studies, which are doing away with paper records in favor of digital ones.

EDC solutions have been embraced by sponsors, CROs, and sites for use in conducting both simple and intricate trials throughout all stages of study development. While many companies work with an EDC provider, some create their solutions. While every electronic data capture (EDC) system is unique in its way, they all have a common goal of making data gathering easier.

Mini Ballpoint Pen with Twist-Off Cap, OLIGHT

Like the Olight Open Pro 3-in-1 ballpoint pen I reviewed last year, the OLIGHT Open Mini Ballpoint Pen can be used in a variety of situations, but it lacks a built-in flashlight, making it more convenient to carry about in a pocket. It’s 3.66 inches in length, composed of stainless steel and aluminum, and has a clever bolt-action mechanism; it’s the ideal pocketknife. For just $12.95, you can get an olive or blue OLIGHT Open Mini Ballpoint Pen.

Mini Titanium Ink Pen, TIMULTI

Another little pen made of Titanium with a bolt action construction and a hook at the top for attaching to a keychain light is the TIMULTI. The fact that it doesn’t need very few D1 refills is one of the many reasons I appreciate this pen. To replace the generic D1 cartridges, it takes Lamy #M22 F refills, which I think are of higher quality.

The little, tiny Lamy Pico

The previous discussion about Lamy refills prompted me to pull out my 2014 evaluation of a Lamy Pico pocket pen. A nice tiny pen for several reasons, and yes, it’s still available. The spring-loaded extension mechanism of the Lamy Pico means you’ll never lose the cap. If you click the cap, the pen extends to a greater length, making it easier to use the pen’s flashlight function as you write. The Pico is constructed of metal, comes in a variety of colors, and accepts Lamy M22 refills.

Brilliantly Conceived Ti Pocket Pro Pen

I first wrote a positive review of the Big Idea Design Ti Pocket Pro Pen in 2017 and I’m still using and enjoying it now. It’s constructed of Titanium, for starters, and it’s compact without being so little that writing with it causes a hand strain. The fact that it can take more than 80 different refills is this pen’s greatest quality. This pen “grows” to accommodate longer refills, so it should be able to accommodate your preferred refill size.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? It ranges in length from 4.11 inches for shorter refills to 4.65 inches for longer ones.  The dynamic hollow rifling grooves on its robust aluminum body improve grip and provide visual appeal. The blue body ring and elaborate copper tail cap provide a stylish touch. Clip it to your notebook, your pocket, or your bag strap with the handy pocket clip.

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