Monitoring Kids in the Digital Era the Right Way

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We simply cannot ignore the stark reality that the internet and digital devices have become an important aspect of everybody’s life these days. The digital age is all about people performing their day to day tasks on the internet with the help of their cell phones, computers, etc.

Be it a business owner, an employee, a student, or a kid, each one of them needs the internet services and digital devices to conduct the important activities of their lives. However, in this post, we will focus on how the internet plays an integral role in a kid’s life these days and how it impacts them.

We will also talk about how parents should monitor kids’ digital activity the right way without being too much intrusive. They can set up parental controls and monitoring tools such as Android spy software on their kids’ devices and be mindful of their online activity.

Kids and the Internet

No matter how much we deny it, the internet has proved to be a tremendous resource for kids these days. Kids and teens can seek help from the internet within a few minutes and complete their homework and assignments. They can go over to Wikipedia to get the information for their homework, they can use social media to interact with their friends and play games with them. What’s more, they can watch their favourite movies and TV shows on Netflix.

There is a lot that they can do on the internet. Almost every other kid has his/her own mobile phone and is using the device to access the internet for various activities.

While the internet is helpful for kids in several ways, sometimes kids fail to recognize the dangers associated with it. There is also a dark side to the internet that most kids and parents are not aware of. Several sites are available on the internet that contain inappropriate content. This content can contaminate kids’ minds or mislead them.

No parent would ever want their kid to visit such inappropriate sites and view unsuitable content. Besides inappropriate sites, there are several other dangers found on the internet. Be it cyberbullying, phishing, online predators, sexting, falling for online scams, leakage of private information, and accidentally downloading malware to the digital devices.

The only way to prevent your kids from these online dangers and all the risks involved with the internet is to use parental controls or monitoring apps. In this digital age, we would like to assume that every parent should know about parental controls. However, those who do not know can find out everything about them in this post.

What Are Parental Controls?

Parental controls and monitoring solutions are software that allows parents to set up some settings and controls on their kid’s internet usage. These tools help them monitor their kids’ online activity. By using these tools, parents can keep your kid’s internet experience much safer and productive. Moreover, when parents have set up these tools on kids’ devices, they won’t be able to visit inappropriate sites on the internet.

Let’s talk practically here. It is not viable for parents, especially those who are working, to always keep an eye on their kid’s online activity and be around them all the time. Therefore, they can seek help from monitoring apps and parental control software to protect their kids from online dangers.

Below, let us discuss how parental control software and monitoring apps can help parents in keeping their kids safe in the digital world.

Filter and Block Inappropriate Content 

Parental control and monitoring apps can support all the leading platforms. You can install them on both cell phones and computers. One of the best things about parental control apps is that they allow parents to filter and block inappropriate content on the internet that they do not want their kids to see.

Such unsuitable content may include pornography and violence. When you block such content on the internet, your kids won’t be able to view it on the internet. Similarly, inappropriate sites and apps can be blocked with the help of monitoring apps.

SetSchedule and Time Limits

Parents can use monitoring apps and parental control software to set schedules and time limits on how long they want their kids to stay online or how long they can spend time on a particular site. The majority of the parental control apps offer both time limit and schedule features to help parents control how long their kids can spend on the device and when exactly that time is being spent in a day.

With a proper schedule, parents can allow their kids to spend a particular time on the internet, play a game, or watch a movie.

Monitor Complete Online Activity

Most of the parental control apps can generate logs of kid’s internet activities. Parents can monitor their kid’s online activity by simply opening the dashboard of their parental control software account. They can find out about all the sites and apps their kids are using on their digital devices.

They can know what sites their kids are visiting, whom they are interacting with on social media apps, what kind of games they are playing, what sort of videos they are watching on the internet, etc.Basically, parents can track everything their kids are doing on the internet with the help of Android spy software.

Track Kid’s Location

You can also track your kid’s exact whereabouts with the help of parental controls and monitoring apps. In fact, locating tracking is one of the amazing features offered by parental control apps. By using this feature, you can know your kid’s exact location.

You can remotely monitor their locating and find out where they go after school or whom they meet. Parents can have a sense of relief when they monitor their kids’ whereabouts because they know they are safe. In case parents realize that their kids are going to a new place or are going off the track, they can immediately reach out to them and help them before something bad happens.

While we do strongly recommend parents to use parental controls to ensure their kid’s online activity, we also stress the importance of having an open and honest conversation with them. Make your kids comfortable around you so they can come to you when they face any problem on the internet.

You should tell your kids about online dangers and how they can affect them. Kids must be taught how to protect themselves from online dangers and how to stay away from them. However, before you can make your kids understand all of these things, make sure you have got yourself all the knowledge about the latest internet trends. Also, you must know how to use the internet and social media platforms so you can explain to your kids in a better way.