PPC Trends of 2020

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PPC, or pay per click campaigns are a part of any digital marketing push towards brand recognition and sales.

In 2020, PPC remains essential- you’ll need the help of a good PPC management services company to make the most of every advertising dollar.

Here are 4 trends you should know about for PPC this year:

SEO Integration

PPC and SEO go hand in hand in more ways than one. Integrate keywords in your campaigns and you’ll get to reach those who are looking for your products on Google or Bing.

With this in mind, you can have an SEO services team check your ad copy to find out which one works. Moreover, you now have the ability to target the keywords your competitors use to boost rankings.

Bumper Videos

Video is still the most engaging type of content on the web, and this continues to 2020 and beyond. Those who use this new medium will find themselves at the top, with advantages such as lower cost, better aesthetic appeal and business reach, among others.


Gone are the days when brands have to make micro adjustments to existing campaigns to suit their needs. Today, you can entrust ad copy, conversion tracking and algorithms using machine learning. All you need is to identify high value keywords and a specific audience in mind.

Although work gets automated, you should still keep an eye on the progress and adjust the parameters or keywords as necessary.

Audience Targeting

Most ads feature audience targeting in a way that gets you the niche you really want without having to spend more.

On Facebook, you’ll want a Facebook advertising agency giving you advice on what the most effective targeting methods are, and how to identify the people who will like to try or buy your product. You can be as stringent as you want, thanks to the many filters and parameters available.