Q&A with Anthony Manzella III – An Insight into Zella Technologies and the IT Industry

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Zella Technologies’ CEO Anthony Manzella III believes that all modern businesses should have a comprehensive IT solution and cyber security measures.

We check in with Anthony in a quick interview about Zella and why cybersecurity solutions have become an essential part of any firm.

How Did Zella Technologies Start?

Anthony: I fell in love with computers at a young age. I remember as a teen how I made a COLO datacenter server for my friends and family’s websites. Then, I began a career as lead network engineer at a local company. Two years later, I quit and decided to form Zella.

What Services Does Zella Technologies Offer?

A: Mostly cyber security and IT solutions in the form of On-Site/Break Fix, Cloud, Managed IT and VOIP services, among others. I can also coach and help companies get the tools they need to thrive with ‘The AM3 Process’ as a CIO for Hire.

Are There Any Specialty Industries in Terms of IT Productivity?

A: What we offer isn’t limited to a single industry. All businesses require some form of tech, whether it be smartphones, a laptop or CRM. That said, most if not all industries can benefit from a comprehensive IT and cybersecurity solution.

Has Zella Become More Popular in Light of Recent Cyber Attacks?

A: The truth is, most online attackers do not discriminate, and as such all enterprises, from a mom-and-pop store to corporations can be subject to cyber threats. A comprehensive cyber security program such as the one we offer ensure businesses’ and their client’s data will not be compromised.

What is PII-Protect?

A: PII-Protect is a self-awareness program for employees and business owners. Every week, Zella sends out emails so they could identify and learn how new threats work and test their ability to recognize it in real world settings.

What’s Next for Zella Technologies?

A: The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that cloud is a flexible tool that can be used by enterprises to keep their business running. Those who had Zella’s Cloud Phones and Cloud only had to tell their employees to work from home, while those who didn’t are looking into the possibility of adding cloud into their business repertoire.

Anthony Manzella III can be reached at Instagram @anthony_manzella Twitter @amanzella3 and