Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting Over Shared Hosting

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Are you looking to have a site built using WordPress? You must understand what it entails, including the different WordPress hosting solutions. The importance of hosting cannot be overlooked if one is to run a successful website. It helps you make the site secure, fast, and free of downtime.

Having a good host can help you stand out against competition as well as enjoying other benefits. Today HostingRaja managed WordPress hosting is among the best solutions a business can adopt.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is a hosting plan where the managed hosting providers carry out various activities on the server on your behalf. It offers the best levels of any hosting solution available for WordPress site. The hosting solution means that the owner has less control over the server though the host helps reduce site hosting related stress.

In most cases, a managed hosting plan uses a dedicated server. However, other hosting plans can be utilized depending on the host chosen. Below are some of the benefits that one can enjoy from using this plan.

Below are some of the top benefits you can avail with HostingRaja Managed WordPress Hosting:

·      Excellent Technical Support

When using managed WordPress hosting one enjoys unlimited technical support. The hosting providers only deal with the WordPress platform, and this helps them learn and understand how to solve problems. Additionally, the providers have a technical team that is available at all times to help you solve your problems.

This level of support is usually available on managed hosting. In most cases, when using the unmanaged hosting solution, the technical support is either not enough or absent. Typically, one pays more to enjoy these levels of professional services.

  • Website Maintenance

To have a website run effectively, one will need to do more than upload content and deal with traffic. For instance, one will need to ensure that the site is backed up accordingly besides having the plugins and themes up-to-date.

Usually, WordPress maintenance activities are rather straightforward. However, there are, in most cases, numerous, which makes them time-consuming when performed together. Managed hosting solutions help one save time as they carry out essential maintenance activities on your behalf.

  • Improved Performance

Performance is of paramount importance if a site is to succeed. How fast a website loads its pages will determine the level of traffic. Several factors can negatively affect the performance of the website. Nonetheless, a hosting plan can play a significant role. When using managed WordPress hosting, one usually enjoy better performance.

In most cases, improved performance can be attributed to the level of infrastructure. However, other factors, such as CDN integration and use of caching plugins, contribute to the overall performance.

  • Better Security

WordPress is a popular platform making it an easy target for hackers. Despite it being secure, running outdated features such as themes and plugins make it easy to attack, which leaves a host of sites being vulnerable.

Generally, all web hosting providers have measures in place to protect your website from attacks. Nonetheless, managed WordPress hosting presents the best security features. For instance, they offer automatic updates, which helps reduce the chances of being hacked. Additionally, they provide automated backups to prevent data loss in case of a reset.

  • Focus

Managed WordPress hosting ensures that one has better control of their time. When using the unmanaged hosting plan, one tends to consume a lot of time in carrying out site related activities such as maintenance among others.

Using a managed hosting solution means that one gets the extra time that can be utilized to deliver quality output. Consequently, this can help increase traffic leading to improved growth.

Overall, managed WordPress hosting offers the best value for money. The extra amount paid helps one to have unlimited access to support and other features that enhance your website performance.