Reasons to Do Email Verification and The Best Tool to Use

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Email verification may seem like a tedious and unimportant task but it’s actually invaluable and a must-do, especially if you want to stay relevant.

Here are 4 reasons why businesses and digital marketers must make sure the email address they have is relevant and active.

A High Receive Rate

No company wants to have their emails listed as ‘spam’, and verifying emails is one way to solve this. You’ll want every email you send to be delivered to active inboxes, and therefore are being received by your intended market or audience.

Email verification can greatly improve deliverability score and keep it that way.

Less Input Mistakes and Better Data Accuracy

Every now and then an email address and its corresponding details, such as name, age and job are mixed up or misspelled. An email verification service sees to it that these mistakes are resolved even before they’re sent.

Keeps Your Email List Pure

Businesses know the value of a well-managed email list. Every now and then the list must be checked to see if the data are still relevant or if the email address is still active.

The higher the purity of your email list the better the campaign effectivity. It also ties up with engagement rate, sales and overall revenue.

Batter Revenue, Sales and Engagement Rate

A smaller mailing list isn’t necessarily bad, especially when you’ve run it through an email verification service. Afterwards, you can be sure that your marketing campaign will have reached its intended audience, and thus enjoy a higher engagement rate.

The more people see your product or service as a necessity and something they can get the higher the sales and revenue.

Not all email verification tools, services or API are equal. Some are better when it comes to helping businesses achieve their marketing campaign goals.

Why Use DeBounce for Email Validation?

DeBounce is the best email verification tool can help digital marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their marketing goal.

It can give you the benefits listed above quickly and eliminate spam, bounce and sending to deactivated emails, thereby increasing click-through.

DeBounce has a number of important features that are not present with most email verification API. Aside from having list monitoring and data enrichment from the get-go, clients get bulk email validation, a robust email validator API, lead finder, Javascript and WordPress email validation and form widget and more.

With DeBounce, you can rest assured that your campaign hard work will not go to waste. Instead of being sent to spam, deactivated accounts or inactive users every email is sent to those who are looking for what you’re offering. A high delivery rate to your intended audience equals a higher clickthrough rate, and therefore greater success!

DeBounce’s email list cleaning service is powerful and can eliminate spammy, invalid and non-operational mailboxes quickly. It ensures your email won’t be marked as spam and cleans your email list for greater purity.

All the while, data enrichment updates and fills in the cracks in customer data without having to do manual research and fact-finding.