Reasons To Not Feel Guilty About A Move To An Aged Care Home

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It is impossible to look after your elderly loved one when you have your own family to provide for, your work hours from 9 to 5, you might take some side hustles, do chores, etc. At the same time, you are worried about your parents’ well-being because you cannot always be with them. Therefore, you are taking nursing homes into consideration. Making this decision is not easy. Although your parents are on top of your mind while taking this route, guilt might still haunt you. It is tough for your heart to follow what your logic says. You should allow time to process all the transitions. To help you eliminate the self-reproach, you should remember why moving to an aged care facility is necessary and the best option for you and your parents.

1. Your circumstance may differ from everyone else

You may have neighbours who still live with their elderly loved ones and take care of them. Your friends might be able to look after their parents after work. However, this situation is not feasible in your case. You should not feel bad about it, instead, you should keep in mind that everyone has different circumstances and you shouldn’t compare your family situation with others. Your parents may require specific assistance from skilled nurses, and your friends’ parents don’t. You know what is best for your family, and if moving your parents to a nursing home is the right choice, then you should not feel guilty to make that decision.

2. You are not neglecting your parents, you are providing the best care for them.

What people tend to perceive wrongly is that sending seniors to an aged care facility means that they are being neglected, while actually, it’s the complete opposite because it means that you truly care for them and you want them to receive high-quality care from experienced and professional nursing staff. It shows that you give priority to their wellness and safety. You ensure that they stay in a nursing home with proper facilities and many leisure activities that cannot be enjoyed by your parents at home. Additionally, you are still able to devote your time for your parents by regularly visiting them. You can also talk with the worker about your elderly loved ones’ condition progress and provide what they need.

3. Nursing homes guarantee many benefits for your parents

Many elders are fond of living in nursing homes. They can easily make new friends with other residents, get assistance from compassionate and skilled staff 24 hours a day, and participate in many fun activities like dancing class, playing board games, and journaling. They no longer feel lonely like they were at home because they create new relationships with people their age, and it becomes a stronger bond because they can relate with each other.

Those are some of the reasons why you should not feel guilty about moving your parents to a Queanbeyan aged care. At the end of the day, happiness is seeing your parents happy, and by knowing that having them live in a nursing home is the reason for their well-being, you shouldn’t feel any guilt.