Smart Robot | Restaurants Are Now Digging Their Ways into Industry 4.0

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These years have witnessed the dramatic changes in the industry with several stages including manual labor, assembly line, mechanization, and finally Industry 4.0. At the same time, this process gives fresh impetus to the restaurant industry, redefining and reshaping its operation and framework considerably. Recently, a brand-new smart robot launched by Huahui catches many restaurant owner’s attention and gains wide recognition in this industry.

Restaurants Are Now Digging

By applying the communication technology, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing technology, Industry 4.0 not only promotes the integration of the physical world and virtual network, but also form a smart information physical system composed of people, resources, information as well as goods in the field of manufacturing. It is an undeniable fact that the immense influence of industry 4.0 continues to permeate almost every area in our society including restaurants.

As a result, many enterprises seize this potential business opportunity and create some intelligent products for restaurants. Huahui is such a good example. Founded in 2012, Huahui is one of the leading China-based AI solution providers for restaurants in the field of smart robot research and development, manufacturing and sales. Its focus lies on the innovation of intelligent low-speed driverless delivery robots. Additionally, this firm strives to improve the efficiency of the restaurant business for the owners and provide a more pleasant and interesting customer experience for all the people in a restaurant. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and imaginative solution, the smart robot created by Huahui won the French red dot Best of the Best design award in August 2017, which is the most comprehensive and influential well-known design competition in the world. This high-quality smart robot has earned this firm a good reputation in the industry and enabled it to sell its products to the whole world.


The brand-new smart robot produced by Huahui is somehow transforming how businesses operate and how consumers live. Let’s take a closer look at this robot and its high performances.

  • Simple Elegance Appearance

The simple elegance appearance of this smart robot is one of the reasons why so many restaurant owners are fond of it. Made of ABS, this portable smart robot is designed as a rectangle and it looks like a big tablet from a distance. Most importantly, there is a big smile on it which offers every customer a superior experience in a restaurant. Besides, the second-generation interactive lighting technology and high-fidelity audio equipment make this delivery robot more colorful and attractive and make the operation instructions clearer.

  • Powerful Operation Platform Mohism II

Equipped with a new-generation of low-consumption, high-performance and high-speed 6-core chips, the outstanding operation platform Mohism II provides the smart robot with not only more flexibility, but also the extraordinary multi-core processing capabilities. Therefore, several instructions can be carried out by it at the same time successfully and smoothly. In particular, working with top-class high-speed LPDDR4 with 32GB, dual-channel and 3733Mhz, this smart robot is good at dealing with the vast data throughput needed in various complex environments as massive people flow.

λ Excellent Navigation System

  • Excellent Navigation System

The stable chassis of this smart robot adopts Cortex-M7 control center with high-performance FOC. In addition to lidar, more visual sensors are added to upgrade the movement of this smart robot. In this way, the detection is significantly changed from 2D plane perception to 3D environment monitor, which leads to better safety and obstacle avoidance performance. To be more specific, the probability of running into suspended objects or other obstacles is reduced by Huahui to a greater extent. The Embedded high-precision encoder and IMU temperature control module also make the navigation and positioning of this smart robot more precise and convenient in motion. What’s more, the power consumption of this robot is reduced by 30% and the motion noise is reduced by 200%. In this way, not surprisingly, every restaurant owner can control and manage this smart robot easily at a low cost.