Social Media is the Next Big Marketing Tool – Here’s why

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Marketing is the key to success in any business. If you have a great product, but no one knows about it, does that product even exist? Marketing connects the consumers with the things that they would like to purchase and also allows businesses to show their products to potential buyers. A shop with a glass display case upfront is a simple yet effective example of marketing. But marketing is not as easy as just advertising your product to potential customers.

The goal of any effective marketing is to create brand awareness and identity in the eyes of the public. In the days before the widespread internet, the way to achieve this was through television, magazines, and newspapers. But the times have changed. Everything is online now, and social media platforms like IG and Twitter are the marketing tools a business needs to leverage. Yet, even though social media has become the biggest thing on this planet, many businesses are still unaware of its potential. Here are a few reasons why social media marketing is more powerful than you think.

Higher Conversion Rate:

Users are getting more and more conscious of the modern world filling to the brim with advertisements. No one is willing to click on an obvious ad anymore, and if that said ad interrupted whatever they were doing, then the click rate goes even further down through the floor. Luckily, there is a way to remedy this; social media.

When a person follows a brand’s Twitter account, they do it on their own accord. When that same brand posts a promotion, the user is more likely to click on that promotion, rather than if that same promotion came up as an ad to them. This behavior is becoming increasingly prevalent, and having a strong social media presence is the only way to fight back.

Improved Ranking on Search Engines:

Search engine ranking is everything when it comes to doing business online. No matter if a user searches for a pair of socks or a house to buy, they are far more likely to click on the first search result than any others. If your website is not on the first page, then you are practically invisible to the end-user.

Many businesses realize this and spend a lot of resources and time optimizing every single nook and cranny of their website to be as search engine friendly as possible. But there is only so much you can do. With hundreds or even thousands of your competitors making the same efforts, getting a higher ranking is becoming more and more impossible.

Fortunately, the proper use of social media can easily bring you up to speed. If a website mentions one keyword many times a day for many days, search engines can label it as spam and remove it from search results. But, if the social media account of that same brand posts about a certain topic multiple times a day, it increases their chance of getting to the top of search results for that specific topic.