Statistics Analysis using Minitab Homework Software

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It is advisable for the company to sell all its products over the web so as to reach a wider market but should also have other selling mechanisms since at times not all people have access to the web. This minitab homework help the company tap all the market potentials customers. When advertising on the website those people with the capability to access it are reached. The website should not be used just for marketing purpose but should be utilized for purposes like customer queries and satisfaction of the employees.

These activities will help in the growth and improvements of the various activities of the company due to the customer and employee feedbacks being considered. The e commerce system to be used for this company should be business to customer (B2C) system since most of the operations done on the site will involve the business relating to its customer base that involves both individuals and other organizations. The reason for choosing a B2C model for e commerce is to ensure that all the customer queries and needs are fully addressed (Yu, 2006). The new website should act as a portal for customer care and their feedbacks on the products and services offered by the company. Marketing is another function to be performed by the new website. This will help it reach its wide customer base since the company intends to go global compared to the current marketing strategy that is local.

For any business, the main intention for putting in place any system is to try and add value to the operations. Technological systems add value to businesses by ensuring there are smooth operations and in case of errors they are addressed to immediately. A good system ensures there are fewer errors in business activities compared to when these operations are done using human errors. Computers have fewer errors compared to when human beings are involved since they follow rules and regulations easily. The bakery company has the intention to provide or add value to its customers. The company wants to go global and increase its customer base hence more profitable. With the website that has been in use there is little customer value since it is only used for advertisements. When the company starts using the new technology it will be able to market its products and at the same time the affected customers will be able to take part in the activities of the company by giving their feedback via the website. When the new website is well utilized there will be effective communications between the company and its stakeholders hence all the issues affecting both of them will be well addressed to hence more satisfaction (Chris Adalikwu, 2012).

Putting up a good e commerce system for a middle size company is expensive and will end up having a huge effect on the expenses of the company. The bakery company is a middle size hence will need to put in place a good e commerce system that will come at a considerable cost. As per the business report done by John Arnold in July 2011 the costs involved in an e commerce site for a middle level company amounts to $ 500,000 per year. These costs are spread in a number of areas and activities that include costs on financial transactions, hosting and security assurance costs, the cost of the user interface to be used, there are some costs that will be used to market the new site so that it will be known globally and finally there is the cost involved in customer relationship management to ensure the site will always meet the needs and expectations of the customers.