Successful and Ideal Weight Loss Programs

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Maintaining a healthy weight will significantly lower your chances of developing chronic conditions and increase your chance of staying healthy. If you want to lose weight safely, join Lakeway Adolescent weight loss program that focuses on helping you achieve the ideal body weight. A team of specialists will guide you to a successful weight loss by training your mind and body to make better lifestyle choices and eat healthy food. They focus on giving you the confidence to practice daily health habits for long-term benefits.

What should you know about weight loss?

Weight loss is the decrease in the mass of your overall body from the loss of water, muscle, and fat. It involves the burning of calories and taking fewer calories into the body. Therefore, excess weight can diminish every aspect of your body and reduce the efficiency of how the body functions. Many health issues can result from excess weight and can increase one’s risk of developing chronic conditions, and they may include:

·                     Heart diseases

·                     Diabetes

·                     Certain types of cancer

How can weight affect your health?

You may have health issues developing as a result of excess weight. The conditions may be:

·                     Obstructive sleep apnea

OSA  sleep disorder occurs when the muscles in your throat relax, thus blocking the airway during sleep. Your sleep partner may notice pauses in your breathing as you sleep. One of the risk factors that potentially increases the chance of developing this sleep disorder is excess weight, resulting in fatty deposits around your airway that start to disrupt breathing. However, it does not mean you are overweight if you have obstructive sleep apnea.

·                     Diabetes

Diabetes causes your body not to take glucose into the body cells and use it for energy, leading to a buildup of extra sugar in the blood. If you are overweight, it may result in the body not taking up insulin, which may lead to further health complications.

·                     Heart diseases

You may also increase the chances of having cardiovascular diseases like stroke and coronary heart disease. Your body mass index (BMI) directly links to your blood pressure; an increase in BMI leads to an increase in blood pressure.

What happens during a weight loss program?

Your doctor can offer many solutions to successfully and safely lose weight while ensuring you attain your desired and ideal weight. The team at Sleep Cycle Center has a weight loss program that includes:

·                     Ideal protein

This program consists of three phases:

·                    Weight loss

At this phase, your specialist restricts carbohydrate intake and optimizes losing fat through ketosis; your body uses stored fat as an alternative energy source. The phase is complete once you have attained your desired goal.

·                    Stabilization

Your doctor coaches you on your intake of nutrients and how to manage hunger.

·                    Maintenance

Once stabilization is complete, your doctor can help you maintain your health and weight and guide you on healthy choices.

Suppose you want to enjoy the benefits of weight loss, visit Sleep Cycle Center or request your appointment online