Tech Evolutions in the Sports Industry

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Just about all the most popular sports have been digitized at one point as computers continue to provide more features.

Take a look at some of the updated technology that’s already making the rounds.


HDTV, or high definition TV completely transformed the way we watch sports. Improved detail and high resolution gives viewers added immersion aspect, and it started in 2003 when ESPN began offering HD channels for sports enthusiasts.


Outdoor and commercial displays are now more sophisticated than ever. In line with 4K and HDTV, scoreboards can now show more than just current scores. Video boards may be used to announce, show animation and HD feeds in arenas.

Video Streaming

Broadband, the internet and smartphones naturally paved the way for content streaming. Google’s Play Store and the Apple App Store now have multiple sports streaming options so fans can watch anytime, anywhere with a smartphone. Renowned sports broadcasting company 먹튀폴리스  in South Korea has adapted and now offer major sports such as MLB, NBA and EPL 100% free.


Sports apps are versatile and are an essential part of the sports experience. They show the latest scores, give you entry tickets and even allow for food ordering once inside the stadium or arena. Since you always carry your phone with you, apps prove to be useful in the long run.

Digital Ticketing

Ticketing tech has now evolved towards wireless communications, e.g., RFID (radio frequency identification), NFC (near field communication) and mobile barcodes. Data in this medium can provide essential information on how many people have attended a particular sports event and others.


Today, you can now use Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant to get updated scores of your favorite teams and games. Video highlights are created by observing parameters, e.g., player movement, crowd noise and league analytics. Teams can create their own content using AI and machine learning processes.