The Best Meryl Streep Movies to Watch Over the Weekend

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If you’re looking for good entertainment, watching a Meryl Streep movie is the way to go. You just can’t go wrong with Streep. This versatile actor made her stage debut with Trelawney of the Wells and from then on, rose to become the most celebrated actress of her generation. She has been nominated for a whopping 32 Golden Globe Awards, of which eight she managed to bag and 21 Academy Award nominations of which she won three. And, these accolades are just the tip of the iceberg. So, if it’s a good movie you seek, here’s a list featuring Streep’s bet performances.

Heartburn (1986)

Adapted from Nora Ephron’s novel, the storyline is based on the author’s experience being married to Carl Bernstein. The movie revolves around a food writer, played by her heroin Meryl Streep, who is married to Mark, a womanizer, played by Jack Nicholson. She marries the guy despite his past and is enjoying a blissful life that is until she discovers his affair at a time when she is pregnant with her second baby with him. She soon realizes her mistake and tries to piece back her life together as her heart breaks.

Ironweed (1987)

This movie features the dynamic Streep and Nicholson duo once again albeit this time as a homeless couple during the Great Depression. Set in Albany, a group of locals decide that the they want to rid the town of homeless people with whatever means necessary including of course violence. It is at this time that Nicholson has returned to his home town. Isolating himself after the death of his infant son whom he dropped to the ground and which his family believes he did in a drunken stupor, he is still stuck in the trauma and by coming back seeks to overcome it as he contends he was simply too tired and not drunken during the incident. What follows though is a series of events that will have you glued to the TV.

Kramer Vs Kramer (1979)

This family drama packs comedy and tragedy all in one, showing the unglamorous side of parenthood. The male lead, Dustin Hoffman, is a career oriented man who becomes a single parent when his wife leaves him all of a sudden. As he juggles his new duties, struggling along the way, his wife, the son’s mother comes back. However, that does little to help and only complicates it all further. Dealing with divorce and all that its consequences the movie is a story well done. It will reel you in, break your heart, but at the same time sooth your soul.

One True Thing (1998)

The movies tells a story of a mother and an estranged daughter who come together in trying times.

Streep plays the role of the mother slowly dying from cancer. Her daughter Ellen, moves in to care for her as she approaches her last days and as they spend more time together, they learn more about each other. Having seen a different side to her mother who opens up to her, their relationship begins to heal. This wholesome movie is a great watch, however, you might want to grab some tissues before you begin. It will leave you crying, but oh so happy at the same time!

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

One of her more recent movies, The Devil Wears Prada, features Streep in the role of Miranda Priestly a fashion editor who reigns supreme in the world of fashion. Her blasé attitude and frighteningly powerful persona leaves her new personal assistant, played by Anna Hathaway, shocked still, quavering. Streep embodies the character artfully, leaving you in wonder. And, Hathaway’s journey to gaining favor with her becomes all the more exciting. With two great actresses side by side, and a great script leading the movie, you’ll have a fine time for sure.

The Post (2018)

This latest movie by the queen of acting, The Post, features Streep in the role of a journalist, Katherine Graham. The character who is the first female publisher of the The Washington Post guarantees intrigue and adventure. Graham is on her way to expose the story of a life-time a massive cover up by the government that spans four presidencies. You think the previous performances were great? Well, this one will take your breath away.

Final Words

No matter what mood you’re in or what phase of life, there is a Streep movie out there for just that moment. Watching a great movie is sure to get your spirits up and motivate you through stressful times to keep working. So, get a good cable provider with a great channel lineup to ensure you’re never down, número de teléfono de spectrum give you the best with more than 125 channels at an affordable price. So go ahead, and get your daily entertainment supply confirmed!