The Best Weapons in Destiny 2

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New Destiny 2 players are probably asking, what are the best weapons to use in Destiny 2?

In order to succeed, you’ll need to pack a few Destiny 2 powerful gear. We have a short list of go-to equips that are popular with good reason.

Monte Carlo / Pluperfect / Breakneck

Monte Carlo has proven to be one of the best Destiny 2 exotic weapons in the PVE auto rifle category. Pluperfect is an excellent alternative as long as you have the season pass. Breakneck allows you to kill mobs faster with more damage and at a faster clip, too.

Subjunctive / Riskrunner / The Recluse

Subjunctive is a great starter for getting familiar with Destiny 2. If you’ve been playing Season of the Drifter, then your SMG should be The Recluse, hands down. Blast an opponent and you’ll get a nice damage boost and reload speed at the same time, which gives you a greater advantage per kill.

Izanagi’s Burden

For the sniper rifle category, there’s none like Izanagi’s Burden. Need to lay down some heavy, precise damage to bosses? It’s your go-to main that you can rely on.

The only problem is, bugs are affecting the way you can acquire it in the game. The Ada-1 quest is glitchy when paired with some of the new forge playlists. Plus, you’ll need the Rekindle the Flames quest for the Key Mold.

Outbreak Perfected / Go Figure

Go Figure is the go-to legendary pulse rifle you should aim for. It’s easy to use and has a decent rate of fire and reload speed. If you don’t have exotics, then Outbreak Perfected should serve you nicely in the PVE environment.

Fighting Lion

Destiny 2 gear meta dictates that grenade launchers, especially the Fighting Lion have become staples. It’s an energy weapon for builds that don’t have Mountaintop in Kinetic. Oh, and it’s one of the easiest to find, and can be used to farm Vanguard Pinnacle quite well.