The Different Types of Lanyards

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Lanyards are so incredibly effective, this simple stretch of woven material can increase the safety, organisation and culture of your business tenfold, and then some! If you’re looking to make your business, building or environment more secure and operational, then there’s no other ID card accessory out there for you. Here are the different types of lanyards and the benefits that they are guaranteed to bring to your business, big or small…

Plain Lanyards

Sometimes, simple really is best! A basic, neutral toned lanyard is perfect if you’re looking for cost effective, fuss free identity card accessories that you can circulate throughout your business for countless years to come. This is also a really great option if you have a wide and varied workforce that requires an easy blanket security solution that’s not going to disparage or disrupt. You might have frequent contractors, visitors or passes by who pose no threat to your day to day operations or overall security standards? Plain lanyards are great for this also. Basically, if you’re after simple safety accessories, then a no frills plain lanyard is the one for you.

Colourful Lanyards

If you’re looking for something simple but you want to turn the style up a small yet effective notch, then consider a few brightly coloured lanyards for your workplace! You can select one uniform colour to use across all staff, positions and building locations or mix it up according to your own system to create a cohesive, visually organised atmosphere. A high quality lanyard will be richly pigmented and tightly woven to ensure that colours never run or fade over time. For a contemporary company that’s looking for a cheerful means of increasing security standards, coloured lanyards make the perfect choice.

Printed Lanyards

If you’re intrigued by the idea of visual organisation but you need a little more sorting than colour coding can offer you, then it’s time to direct your attention towards printed lanyards. A printed lanyard can be stamped with words such as “Visitor”, “Security” or “Staff” to immediately convey exactly who is who and what they do. These can be used in conjunction with plain or colourful lanyards for an extra security measure, or you can opt for purely printed to keep a firm grasp on everyone in your building or workplace.

Custom Lanyards

For a truly unique security measure that gives you a tonne of extra benefits, there is nothing better out there than customised lanyards. You can choose your company colours, get your logo printed or opt for names to create a signature security solution that is incredibly refined, professional and effective. Custom lanyards also offer up the opportunity for a little free local marketing and branding. Your staff will flaunt their personalised, professional grade lanyards whilst they’re out on commutes, grabbing coffee, networking at industry events or during meetings. This extends brand awareness on a community level, enhances the overall professionalism of your company and might even entice a new prospective talent or two to get in touch. Extend your safety, brand image, community reach and overall levels of professionalism with expertly designed and carefully crafted custom lanyards.

Why Choose Lanyards?

Lanyards are one of the easiest options out there when it comes to identity card accessories. Although IDs are incredible for boosting the safety and atmosphere of your company, they do take some sort of accessory to accompany them and help them to be as useful as possible. Lanyards make ID cards immediately accessible, both when they are worn around the neck, held or placed inside a bag or case.

Start your hunt for lanyards in Australia to transform your safety standards today!