The Magic Behind Telehealth Technology

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Telehealth services have saved many of us through the pandemic by letting us stay connected to our physician.

From receiving test results to creating a treatment plan to renewing prescriptions, telehealth technology lets us receive the healthcare we need while in the comfort of our own home.

The Basics of Telehealth Technology

Telehealth medicine uses technology to communicate with physicians without having to be in the same room as them. Telehealth technology consists of phone calls, video calls, instant messenger chats, and emails, all through a secure portal.

It is a convenient, efficient, and affordable way to receive healthcare. Telehealth is extremely beneficial to those who live in rural areas, those who are at high risk, those with disabilities, and the elderly population.

Telehealth services can be offered for all specialties and the secure software is HIPAA compliant and user-friendly.

How Does Telehealth Technology Work?

Telehealth technology might seem complicated, but it is actually quite simple.

It starts with a secure telehealth software provided by your physician. The platform will include a patient portal. This is where you will be able to login with a secure username and password.

The patient portal allows you to safely send and receive emails to/from your physician. You can also schedule appointments and request prescription refills. As a patient, you can even view test results and lab results. This process is usually much more efficient than having to call your doctor’s office.

Taking telehealth technology a step further, you can also conduct an appointment with your physician via the software by the use of a phone call or video conference. This means you don’t need to leave your home to receive effective healthcare!

When is Telehealth Technology the Most Beneficial?

Telehealth is going to be beneficial to many people and for many reasons.

If you are looking for the following healthcare services, you can receive them through telehealth technology:

– Diagnosis and treatment plan of common medical issues such as a cold, sore throat, headache, or other pain

– If you would like more information about home treatments for a variety of medical issues

– Preoperative and post-operative treatment

– Follow-ups for chronic care patients

– Refill or change prescriptions

Thinking about talking to your physician about their telehealth services? Always make sure they are using a secure and HIPAA compliant software and never be afraid to ask questions regarding your safety and privacy!