The Success Story of Emerging Music Producer Wiese

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The pop scene and EDM genre is stacked with artists, so when someone breaks through it is really because they have a lot of talent.

Trygve Wiese-Haugland, otherwise known by his stage name Wiese professionally, has managed to make a name for himself within EDM and electropop with his unique brand of music. His music and name is starting to spread throughout Norway as well as internationally at an impressive pace.

Wiese Music Style and Hits

To break through an artists must have their own unique brand and style of music.

Wiese is no stranger when it comes to originality. His songs are punctuated with structure and core elements such as pop hooks and vocals that speaks to the listener.

His tunes are catchy, uplifting and evoke a happy mood, something that is an excellent fit in today’s EDM scene. They are well suited for parties and festivals as well as car driving and training sessions.

Wiese’s most famous hits include ‘Never Let Me Go’, ‘Somebody Else’ and ‘I Fell’, among others. His single ‘Never Let Me Go’ went on to become featured in Spotify’s official ‘Hits Don’t Lie’ top 10 list, together with international artists like Martin Garrix, The Weeknd and Kygo.

Wiese fast-rising on Spotify

Wiese’s music has reached new heights in Spotify. The music producer has already amassed more than 12 million plays on the platform in less than a year, with about 500,000 unique monthly listeners.

Most of his audience comes from his home country of Norway and the rest of the Scandinavian countries, but he is certainly starting to build an international following base as well. His brand of music is definitely worth listening to, especially if you’re into electropop, house or future bass.

Wiese has embraced the independent route and decided to create music exclusive to his brand. As a musical performer Wiese certainly has the easy vibes, head-bopping rhythm and happy tunes.

Listeners and fans can surely expect more great stuff from this talented Norwegian music artist.