Tips for Boosting Your Automotive Repair Shop’s Online Presence

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Most consumers research online before making decisions about where to spend their money. People perform searches by entering keywords into a search engine’s search bar. The search engine results page (SERP) lists the most relevant, authoritative results with the highest domain authority (DA) scores. 71% of people who click on links listed click on links on the first page. This means the key to raising the online profile of your automotive repair shop lies in an effective digital marketing strategy.

Establishing clear goals is the first step you need to take. Once you have done this you can implement a search engine optimization (SEO) plan designed to raise your website’s DA score to produce more organic traffic to your site.

Measurable Targets

Objectives and key results (OKR) software is designed to help companies establish clear, measurable goals. With OKRs software you can identify how to conclude a goal has been met. Applicable team members will all have access to the targets. This ensures your staff will be focused on the same objectives and have a clear understanding of what needs to happen to meet those objectives.

SEO Insight

Work with a premier California SEO agency to develop an SEO marketing strategy. Nettra Media offers a free consultation to start you on your digital marketing plan. They evaluate your web design and existing social media platforms. Their SEO service is designed to help determine how you can expand and improve your online presence to raise your profile.

Content and Keywords

The content you feature on your company website and social media accounts should feature appropriate keywords. Search engines send out crawlers to evaluate websites. Crawlers identify featured keywords. This is how the search engine determines which sites are relevant to a user’s search. Performing keyword research can help you identify terms you should include in the content on your site to boost its DA score for those search terms.

Your content should also be relevant to your industry and include important details that set your business apart from competitors. Post the automotive and diesel certifications your team has earned from reputable institutions and list credentials in your staff bios. Customers want knowledgeable automotive industry professionals working on their vehicles. Be sure to include the number of years of experience each team member has. Posting credentials will generate confidence in your shop’s abilities and make consumers more likely to turn to you for their automotive repair needs.


Backlinks are also known as inbound links. They are links posted on other sites that lead to your website. Backlinks are important because they can generate traffic to your website. Crawlers use them to access websites when they evaluate them and assign DA scores. Search engines also consider the volume of backlinks to be significant. They consider sites with more inbound links to be more authoritative.

You can increase the volume of backlinks by posting relevant, insightful content. One way to do this is to use a free tool that lists common questions people search for on different topics. You can input a keyword, such as tires, and the tool will produce a list of the most common questions about tires that people insert into search engines. Develop content that answers those specific questions. You can create informational videos or add blog posts with these questions in the title. This will help increase your relevant traffic because crawlers will pick up on the inclusion of keywords and common search phrases on your site. People will also be more likely to find the information you’ve posted helpful, which will prompt them to post links to it on their blogs or social media accounts. This will help increase your website traffic, and high traffic volume can also raise your DA score.

Another way to generate backlinks is by contributing guest posts on relevant blogs. You can include a link to your site with your bio. This can increase the volume of organic traffic to your site. One of the reasons to focus on relevant blogs is to ensure the people who follow the link to your site are interested in your business. Crawlers assess your site traffic for volume and relevance. People who visit your site but leave without engaging with the content hurt your site’s DA score. Your DA score goes up when people spend a lot of time on the site reading content, watching videos, completing surveys, or clicking on links.