Tips on Choosing the Right Spy Software for Phones

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Cell phone spy software are a dime a dozen, but only a few can only be considered as the best.

When you want a phone spy app that works for what you need, consider the following factors:

Is It Compatible?

Consider a spy app that has a wide range of compatibility in terms of device installation. You may or may not know the target cell phone, and thus it helps to have one regardless of whether the phone is running iOS, Android or even Windows.

The app should also be lightweight, quick to install and easy to understand. Take a moment to check how many steps a particular spy phone software gets installed- does it take 10 minutes or more? Does it require root access? If so, then you may not be able to access all the features if you don’t know how to root a smartphone.


The most important thing to consider when getting a spy phone software is its features. It’s not necessarily true that more is better- you just have to review what it does and if it fits your needs.

For example, do you want one that can record calls, SMS or emails? How about a software that can capture sites visited? Do you want to have a certain level of control, such as blocking a number or an app from being installed?

Take a moment to read all about the features before getting a particular spy phone software. GPS and location tracking may be generally useful but it’s deadweight when all you need is a website tracker and blocker feature.


Lastly, you will want a software that’s affordable and guarantees utmost consumer privacy. If you can’t decide on an app then it may help to sign up for the free trial before fully committing to it. Some spy app providers offer bundled packages if you need to monitor several devices at once.