Top 4 Apps to Track my Phone for Free Online

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In the 21st century, one of man’s greatest nightmares is losing his phone. So, keeping an online track of the phone at all times is essential to prevent that. But no matter how careful you are, there is always a chance you might lose your phone. What to do in that situation? Panic?

No! Start searching for it immediately. The best way to search is using a phone tracker app. But which one to use? Search “how to track a phone” on the internet, and it’ll hand you a long list of apps to choose from, but many of them might not be of help at all.

So, here I’ll show you four apps that I’ve used to track my android phone and found to be effective.

Four Apps to Track my Phone Online

Note: The location service and internet connection should be active on the phone to be tracked for all the apps in this list to work. So, if you are going outside the house, it’s advisable to turn ON the location service and connectivity from your phone settings.

1. Google’s Find My Device:

The first app I’ve used to locate my android phone is Find My Device by Google. It is one of the most used phone trackers on android. It is free to use and provides additional features like Playing a sound, locking the device, or erasing its content remotely.

To track the phone using Find My Device:

  1. Download the Find My Device app from the play store on another phone.
  2. Click “Sign in as Guest” and log in with the Google account that you have on the lost device.

3. Now select the device you want to locate from the device list and click refresh to find it.

4. If your device is located successfully, it’ll show up on the map, and you can physically retrieve it ASAP.

2. Using FamiSafe Location Tracker to track my phone:

The most efficient app I’ve used to track my phone is FamiSafe. It is a Location Tracker app that can also be utilized for parental control. I have found it to be simple and easy to locate my android phone using this app. Here we’ll see how I used it to track my phone.

FamiSafe can locate my android phone with high accuracy. Along with the live location, it also shows the battery percentage and last location update time of my phone. FamiSafe works on both Android and iOS.

You can download FamiSafe on Android from Google Play or on iOS from App Store.

Now, I installed FamiSafe on two devices, the phone I want to track and another device from which I can track my phone (you can also track a lost device from FamiSafe’s website).

Then I registered a FamiSafe account on the secondary device and logged in with the same account on the primary device.

Now, if my phone gets lost, I have to open the app and on the app’s home screen (or Webpage’s Dashboard), select the “Location” option.

The app will instantly track my phone and shows me its live location.

Besides tracking a phone, FamiSafe can also be used as a Parental Control app to block apps and websites, limit phone usage time, track messages and suspicious photos inside a child’s device. It is helpful for parents who want to keep track of their children for their safety. On Registering a new account, you’ll get a three days trial period.

Now you might ask, “Why should I use FamiSafe?” Because FamiSafe can pinpoint your location accurately and provide many other bonus features for keeping track of your activity.

3. Locating my Android Phone from Browser:

The third method which I used to find my phone free is by using a web browser. The main advantage I found about using it to track my phone is that it can be used free of cost, and it doesn’t require installing any app.

To locate your android phone from the browser, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. On your android device, go to “Security” settings under “Google Settings.”

2. Turn ON “Remotely locate this device” and “Allow Remote Lock and Erase.”

3. If you have lost your phone, open a browser window on a phone or computer. Type “Where is my Phone” on the search bar. Sign in with the account which is on your phone. Your device will be shown on the Google Map.

4. Using Google Maps to track my phone:

Google Maps comes pre-installed on android and can be downloaded on iOS. I’ve used this method to track my android phone and found this to be working well. But it needs a little bit of workaround to track my android phone.

To use google maps to track a phone:

  1. Open the app on the phone that needs to be tracked.
  2. Select the “Share Location” Option from the menu.

3. Set the tracking duration to “Until you turn this off.”

4. Now select an email id or google account to which you have access from your computer or another device (maybe your alternate email address).

5. Tap “Share” to share a link of your live location.

Now you can access the location of your device anytime with that link.


All apps in the above list are highly efficient in tracking a lost device (provided that your device has power and GPS and Internet are enabled). So, it is advisable to turn ON location and internet services whenever you are outside your house. For people searching for free phone location trackers, the first three are the best options.

But if you want something more than that, then FamiSafe is worth a try. Its location history feature can even show all the places your phone has been all day so that even if your phone has run out of juice, you can trace your footsteps back while searching it. So, never worry about losing your phone anymore. Even if you lose it, FamiSafe is at your service.