Top 4 Things to Consider When Looking for a Care Home

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Choosing a care home is a big decision as the facility you pick will determine your or a loved one’s happiness, comfort, and safety. Rather than selecting a care home for its location or price, check it ticks every box to ensure you or an elderly relative will enjoy many happy years.

Make the transition much smoother. Learn about the top four things to consider when looking for a care home.

The Different Care Home Options

Different care home options are available to suit various needs. For example, a residential care home provides residents with a permanent residence to live independently while providing extra support when dressing, washing or using the bathroom.

A nursing home is like a residential care home but has around-the-clock medical care from a qualified nurse. Another option is dementia care, which provides exceptional support at every stage of the disease.

The finest care homes tend to offer a mix of all the above. For example, this care home in Eastbourne provides exceptional residential, nursing, dementia, and respite care to support residents’ every need as they grow older. The home from home will make them feel comfortable while ensuring they receive the correct care for their health.

The Care Home Inspection Reports

Every care home receives inspection reports from four watchdogs, which are available to the public. Before entering yourself or a loved one into a care home, you would be wise to review each report to identify how a care home is managed and learn about its care standards.

Each report will provide an insight into whether a care home has addressed previous inspection points or if they have experienced frequent inspections due to many problems.

Safety and Security

Residents’ health and safety must be a top priority for a care home. Learn about the security arrangements a potential facility has to protect every resident. For instance, they may provide a call-bell system to attend to residents’ needs, feature secure storage solutions in accommodations, and have a high staff-to-patient ratio.

Your Opinion

A care home might check every box, but it might not necessarily be the correct fit for yourself or a loved one. Most care homes allow prospective residents and their loved ones to visit a care home to make a more informed decision.

If you’re unsure what to look for, consider if the residents appear happy. For example, are they socially engaged? Do they seem relaxed and well-groomed? Are they involved in activities, such as playing games, crafting, or reading? Also, listen for signs of chatter or laughter, which will indicate a happy, social environment.

It will provide an insight into the accommodations, dining options, activities, and sense of community, which might make you feel more confident in a facility or encourage you to return to the drawing board. If in doubt, organize another visit to decide if it is the right option for yourself or a loved one.