Top Tools to Grow Your Podcast in 2022

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Every podcaster’s goal is to increase listenership and keep listeners hooked for more episodes. To do so, one must consistently produce high-quality and engaging content. Managing all the tasks associated with running a podcast takes a great deal of work. Still, the right tools can help you improve your show and streamline your workflow. To assist you in starting, organizing, and promoting your podcast as you go, we’ve put together a list of the top 15 podcasting tools. Take a look!

The Tools Every Podcaster Needs

A podcast hosting provider and top-notch editing software are the bare essentials for running a podcast. Other podcasting tools are for promotion, improvements, or a smoother production process.

Podcast Hosting

It’s not always feasible or cost-effective for the typical user to host podcasts on their own server. These hosting solutions can automatically distribute your podcast to the top networks and host the audio files on their servers. 


Podbean is an inexpensive hosting platform that helps you monetize your content using its built-in Patron Program or advertisements. 


If you need a premium podcasting hosting service, you should choose Blubrry. The company offers features such as analytics, a free WordPress site, extensive digital storage, and unlimited bandwidth with its paid tier. 


Buzzsprout is arguably the most user-friendly podcast hosting solution out there that helps you grow as a podcaster with the help of its advanced analytics and high-quality service.

Recording and Editing

Consider using one of the following tools to ensure that your audio is up to par: 


Audacity is free, open-source software that is the go-to audio editing option for new podcasters. This comprehensive tool also offers advanced options, which is undoubtedly a boon for people with a low budget. 

Adobe Audition 

Want to invest in industry-grade software? Adobe Audition is a feature-rich yet minimalistic professional audio editor that can take care of all your podcasting needs. 


Another highly specialized tool you should consider is Hindenberg. This advanced software optimizes the sound quality of the spoken word so that listeners can get a crisp and clear audio experience.

Guest Scheduling and Smooth Streaming

Conducting a smooth interview requires a rugged setup and flawless organization on your part. These tools are created just for this reason. 


Finding it hard to organize your guest interviews? Calendly is freemium scheduling software that helps you adjust your podcast interview timings by time zones. You can connect this service with your blog by opting for the paid plan. 


Streamyard is the easiest way to create professional live streams. From your browser, you can interview guests, personalize your broadcast with your brand, and stream the video directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Podcast Marketing

Marketing is an inseparable aspect of professional podcasting. Here are some specialized tools to get the best results: 


PodPage offers an SEO-optimized website creation service that facilitates efficient marketing of your podcast. This feature-rich tool is user-friendly and helps you add transcripts and guest profiles. It also lets you feature an embedded player on your dedicated podcast website. 


ConvertKit is a comprehensive email marketing tool podcasters can use to create email marketing campaigns, landing pages, sales funnels, newsletters, and more.

Miscellaneous Resources

Here are some other resources and services that we find helpful: 


With a freemium design tool like Canva, you can create engaging podcast cover art, logos, thumbnails, and promotional materials effortlessly. 


Pixabay is an online repository of free and royalty-free music, sound effects, images, video clips, and more that you can use in your projects. 

Using its automated audio processing capabilities, Otter converts professional-sound recordings to text with higher precision. Employ this AI-powered tool to produce transcriptions for your podcast episodes and publish them to your blog. 


Use Podnews’ services to stay up-to-date about the global podcasting industry for free. 


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Final Thoughts

Are you planning to start a regular podcast show? Congrats, and don’t be overwhelmed just because you are a novice in this field. As a new podcaster, concentrate on only the best essential tools to produce a high-quality podcast and succeed as a podcaster. All the best to you!