Top Virtual Office Services for 2023

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Every year more and more businesses opt for virtual office services and 2023 won’t be any different. Each business has its specific reason for choosing the service but mostly it is because of affordability and ease of use. A virtual office gives small businesses the personality of enterprises. Startups and small businesses struggle with overhead costs and management challenges.

Usually, small businesses are run by a few people. Sometimes it is just two partners or a sole proprietorship. You can imagine how difficult it is to manage all aspects of the business. All the crucial time is spent on managing the business and important decisions get delayed. In business, time is also an investment, and if done correctly can yield fruitful results. A virtual office gives you back your precious time by taking the burden of managing an office off of your shoulders. You can use that time to scale your business…oh wait, a virtual office can also do that for you.

How does the virtual office help small businesses?

The following features help you establish and grow your business with ease. Consider the virtual office service as your business management partner. It will help you seamlessly run your business.

  • The virtual office gives you a virtual office address that can be legally used for business purposes. As a small business, it is hard to rent out office space in such locations. But with a virtual office service, you can get a high-end commercial address at affordable rates.
  • It also gives you mail handling services, where your business mail is handled and forwarded to you. Urgent mail can be opened, scanned, and emailed to you instantly. Now you never have to miss any important document even while traveling. Similarly, you don’t have to ask your friends to pick up important packages from your home when traveling. It will all be handled by the virtual office staff.
  • The virtual office’s front desk staff will also answer and forward all your important calls. They can take the message for you or forward calls to your number as you want.
  • The ambiance of the virtual office is trendy and professional. People visiting you can’t be but impressed by it.
  • The virtual office is fully equipped with Wifi, printers, computers, fax machines, scanners, etc. you and your employees can use them anytime you want.
  • Another useful feature is that every office service is fully equipped with conference rooms with all the needed technology for making presentations and video conferences.

Let us compare the top virtual office services of 2023:

Alliance virtual office:

Alliance virtual office is a worldwide virtual office service. It has a presence in 40+ countries including the US, Mexico, the UK, UAE, Canada, and the Netherlands. Alliance has a worldwide network of over 1200 locations with facilities like business addresses, mail handling, meeting rooms, office space, etc. You can meet clients and coworkers by visiting the office space. You can book office premises at flexible hourly rates starting from $10.

Important features:

  • Available in all major cities.
  • Support services
  • Flat rate charging
  • Toll or local number
  • Live receptionist service
  • Mail forwarding
  • Call handling


  • The virtual office plan with the above features starts at $49 per month.
  • The live receptionist service starts at $95 per month
  • VoIP business phone number service starts at $30 per month
  • Meeting room rental service starts at $10 per hour
  • Coworking rent plans start at $55 per month.


  • You get a choice of getting either a local or a toll number
  • You get a variety of low-risk pricing options
  • It offers you a premium business address
  • It gives you locations in 50 states and 42 countries
  • If you get the platinum plus plan, you can save up to 75% on office space and meeting room usage.

Opus virtual offices:

Opus virtual office is the ideal service for beginners. They have over 500 locations in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. they offer a live receptionist, mail handling, and virtual phone

Important features:

  • Call answering and forwarding
  • Business address
  • Phone number
  • Official company fax number
  • Voicemail to email conversion
  • Fax to email conversion
  • building business credit


  • Opus offices give you a flat rate offer of $99 per month. If you sign up for a year you get an extra free month. They don’t have hidden or extra charges.
  • The call-out feature is $10 per month.
  • The texting and toll number is also $10 per month.
  • You can use the audio conferencing service for $10 per month.
  • If you want additional extensions or voice boxes, you have to pay $25 for each extension.
  • The international call transfer facility is $10 per month.


  • It is an ideal service for startups and first-timers.
  • They are available in 50 states.
  • The signup process is simple.


Sococo is a perfect virtual office solution for managing teams remotely.

Important features:

  • You get to choose your virtual office floor plan
  • Platform-based video conferencing
  • You can share screens with the rest of your team
  • Real-time project and team management
  • In-app chat or via microphone
  • The virtual office plans start at $13.49 per team member


  • Dedicated iOS and Android app support
  • Simultaneous multiple screen sharing
  • You can choose the decor of your virtual office.


It is a well-known name in the virtual office service industry. Davinci gives your business good value for money for the virtual office service. It is an affordable service that starts at $45 per month.

Important features:

  • Business mailing address
  • Mail forwarding
  • Call handling
  • Business support center
  • Live web chat
  • Toll number
  • Voice mail handling
  • Directory for lobby
  • Day offices
  • Meeting rooms with equipment
  • Catering services
  • Uninterrupted Wifi


  • Your mail can be forwarded to you
  • You get a fast, secure, and uninterrupted Wifi
  • It offers a registered agent service.