Types of Barcode Scanners & Why You Need a Quality Holster

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 Barcode scanners are handy devices that perform various functions. They are commonly used in supermarkets, companies, and many other settings when scanning, reading, and decoding data is necessary. That’s not all, though! These powerful tools help save time and enhance customer satisfaction through improved service. However, they come in myriad types, and you should choose the best holster case for enhanced protection. 

What are the different types of barcode scanners?

1. Handheld Scanners 

Handheld scanners are popular and can be wired, wireless or batch scanners. They’re designed to look like a pistol with an ergonomic handle and sometimes a trigger. They are useful for pointing the device at the barcode. Other scanners resemble a TV remote and feature a button to trigger the device. These scanners are easy to use, thanks to their intuitive design.

 The best way to guard your scanner against falls and damage is through a holster. And many people use the Honeywell CN75 Holster for enhanced protection. Again, barcode scanners are favorite among many since they offer freedom of movement. Why is this important? This minimizes the need to move bulky items during scanning.

2. Wearable Scanners

Wearable scanners are different from their handheld counterparts in that they are worn on the wrist or arm. They are highly portable and can work in different locations and settings. Wearable scanners ease movement in case of bulky items. These devices sometimes feature head-mounted with an optical display and audio functions. They save time since they free up workers’ hands, allowing time for other activities. 

3. Corded Handheld Scanners

These are usually integrated into retail sale endpoints and rest on a mount. They are useful for reaching barcodes on heavy or bulky items. Cordless scanners employ radio frequency technology for data transmission, and some allow for integration with laptops and smartphones.

Why do I need a Holster for my Scanner?

Barcode scanners are susceptible to dust, dirt, and damage. Protecting them with a case helps avoid dirt and dust buildup that can affect the functioning of the scanner. A holster is also vital and helps hold the device in position during operation. When you have the scanner tied in the waist, you can move to different locations, which reduces the need to move bulky items requiring scanning. A holster helps secure your device, protecting it against falls. That said, you only gain the benefits by acquiring a high-quality holster.

Where can I get the best Scanner Holster?

 There are different holsters in the market. These vary in terms of material, size, and quality, and you’ll get them in most physical and online stores. However, most people prefer shopping online due to the wide variety of products. To locate the best site, seek referrals from friends and relatives and search from customer reviews online to make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

 A barcode scanning system is a costly device, and you don’t want to spend on regular repairs. One of the best ways to protect your scanner is to use a holster to prevent falls that can result in damages. You’ll get many such products in the market and should choose the right size and quality material to ensure durability.