Ultimate Guide to The Best Database Software Of 2021

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Irrespective of a small business or a large corporation, digital transformation has enabled multiple organizations to generate data at every touchpoint. Whether customer data to marketing automation, organizations need data in catalogues to ensure security.

It’s a fact that almost 91 percent of businesses, including 10 plus employees, leverage CRM and database software to streamline their data for multiple valuable purposes. But before leveraging the right tool or knowing the best database software, every individual should hold fundamental knowledge on what database software is, the types, functions, and its role in an individual’s life. This article delves into the core of the topic in a simple and comprehensive manner.

What is this Database Software?

Database software is designed to create and manage, search, store, extract, and even change the information or the data coherently encompassed in them. Database software allows users to store the information or data in a structured format like tables, fields, and columns, retrieved directly or through programmatic access. A comprehensive database software program is also termed a database management system.

What are the Primary Functions of a Database Software?

Mainly, database software exists to protect confidential data or information in the database and ensure that files are consistent and accurate. A few mainstream functions of database software include-

●  Data storage

●  Data backup and recovery

●  Data presentation and reporting

●  Multi-user access control

●  Data security management

●  Database communication

What are the types of Database Software?

Database software is classified into six sub-types:

●  Distributed database software

●  Analytical database software

●  Operational database software

●  Data warehouse database software

●  End-user database software

●  External database software

Analytical database software: 

This software allows the user to pull data from various databases and examine these databases to assess performance quantitatively.

Data warehouse software: 

This database software allows the user to pull critical data from various databases and store it in a central location to ensure data integrity by readily identifying inconsistencies.

Distributed database software:

This software involves a centralized database management system that controls information stored in various locations and is considered the safest database software.

End-user database software:

This database software stores data used by primarily one person.

External database software:

This database software complies with all the data or information that needs to be accessed by numerous users, often through the Internet.

Operational database software: 

This database software allows the user to modify the data or information in real-time instances like financial and customer-relationship management.

What can Online Database Software’s do?

Online database software‘s primary role is to allow users to develop customized web-based applications irrespective of not holding a coding experience. Online database software often includes collaboration functionality and editing so that the team members can discuss and share mutual projects and files. However, contingent on the platform, a user may construct forms stored on a website and deliver the data to a specific database. Many online database software platforms also hold advanced and integrated reporting capabilities.

What are the Top 3 Best Database Software’s of 2021?

The top three best database software picks hold significant credibility and are implemented in either business or a corporation.

1. Knack

Knack is the most accessible online database tool as it allows the users to structure, connect, and extend data devoid of coding at ease. Knack features the 39 pre-created database templates based on the organization type or features.

To implement or make use of Knack data software in the system, the first step is to structure the data using the needed primary columns inclusive of email address, full name, phone number, permanent address, and other custom categories.

The next step is to connect the data through integration with multiple systems; this generates a robust API that integrates multiple popular tools like Zapier, extending the functionality.

Knack offers three pricing points starting at $39 per month up to $179 per month.

●  Knack’s starter plan is at $39 per month with 2GB data storage, three App connections, and up to 20,000 records.

●  Knack’s Pro Plan is at $79 per month with 5 GB storage, eight App connections, and up to 50,000 documents.

●  Knacks’ Corporate Plan offers 50 GB storage, 25 App connections, 125,000 records, and premier, white-glove support.

Knack also offers custom enterprise plans known as Plus 1, Plus 2, and Plus 3 to vastly increase the database.

2. Improvado

Improvado is a well-known database software tool that aggregates all the marketing data for both small and large enterprises in real-time instances. Improvado is a flexible and scalable marketing middleware solution.

The key features of Improvado database software are-

●  Integration: The software offers integration with multiple third-party tools, including Tableaus, Google Adwords, MailChimp, Excel, BigQuery, among others.

●  Reporting: This feature holds a robust reporting mechanism and reduces manual reporting.

●  Cost-Effective: With Improvado, SQL experts are not required.

●  Data Visualization: This software helps to send all data sets to visualization tools, including Tableau, Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, in addition to an intuitive dashboard.

Improvado’s Business package costs $100 per month. However, small businesses with low budgets have the flexibility to customize business packages and pricing.

3. Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is flagged as the most effective database software. The Microsoft SQL Server is a relational DBMS server that is ideal for storing and retrieving multiple requests at once.

The key features of Microsoft SQL Server database software are-

●  Improved Query Processing: This feature leverages adaptive query processing to enhance SQL databases and SQL server performance.

●  Automation Plan Correction: This features SQL plan performance issues by identifying problematic query execution.

●  Excellent Performance: Microsoft SQL Server turns raw data into actionable insights that can be delivered on any device or platform.

Microsoft SQL Server offers two types- Express version and Developer versions available at free of cost. The paid package plans for Microsoft SQL Server start at $931 and fluctuate up to $14,256.


Database software has become the new goldmines for businesses. The constant development of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities have made data processing more efficient and more accessible, leveraging big data analytics to achieve better businesses.

However, the possibilities of every best database software mentioned above can only occur in the presence of a robust database management system (DBMS), which is capable of creating and managing heaps of data or information consistently. Enterprises need to select a particular database software or DBMS that meets the specific requirements while staying cost-efficient and productive.