Understanding more about a neck lift used in eliminating signs of aging

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The face and neck are among the parts of your body that feel awkward when signs of aging start appearing. For this reason, most people try out various methods to help eliminate these signs because they are usually notable during your first encounter with others. Among commonly used methods is facelift used to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and folds around your face. But if the same signs appear around your neck, a neck lift procedure is recommended to rejuvenate and refresh it. Therefore, if your neck is aging faster than you want and seek treatment to get rid of the aging signs, Scarsdale neck lift specialists provide a solution to all your concerns. They can combine facelift and neck lift surgery to give you a youthful appearance and stunning results. Read on to learn more about neck lift.

What is a neck lift?

It is a surgical procedure that focuses on correcting concerns like jowls, creases around your neck, loose skin around the neck, neck wrinkles, and vertical bands found around the neck. During this procedure, your care provider tightens the loose skin and the underlying muscles, giving you a younger and smoother neck appearance.

Is a neck lift part of a facelift procedure?

The answer is no because the two are different and separate procedures. Even though most patients like combining a facelift with a neck lift for beautiful and optimal results. In this case, your care providers perform both of them simultaneously, meaning you will only undergo anesthesia and recovery once.

How does a neck lift work?

It is usually performed under general anesthesia, meaning you are usually asleep, making the procedure pain-free. Your surgeon begins making tiny incisions below your ears or underneath your chin. The incisions allow your care provider to suture underlying muscle fibers together, making them tight, and the excess fat and skin are trimmed. After repositioning the skin, your caregiver secures it using tiny sutures, and finally, the surgical site is bandaged to prevent infection.

Can liposuction be a good alternative for a neck lift?

It depends on your concerns for liposuction to be an alternative to a neck lift. For instance, if your concern is excess fat around your neck, but your skin’s elasticity is good, liposuction can be performed instead of a neck lift. However, other problems like cords around the neck, wrinkles, and sagging skin warrant a neck lift because they require the elimination of excess skin and repositioning the remaining skin.

What is recovery like after your neck lift procedure?

A few days after your procedure, you are advised to keep your head elevated to alleviate swelling around your neck. You should also take medications as prescribed by the physician to reduce pain and swelling. You are supposed to return to the facility for a checkup after a week, during which stitches are removed. And after two weeks, you can comfortably resume your daily chores, but you should avoid strenuous activities. But after six weeks, you heal and recover completely.

A neck lift procedure effectively gets rid of loose or sagging skin around your neck. Therefore, today, if you have started noting any signs of aging around your neck and seek neck lift surgery, start by consulting Robert M. Schwarcz, MD.