Understanding Wrist Pain

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We have experienced an increase in wrist pains over the years. The wrist pain can be caused by various factors such as rheumatoid arthritis, Carpal tunnel, or fractures. You could feel sharp, dull-like pins, numbness, or tightness. Since the wrist anatomy is complex, it is hard to find the cause of the pain. You should ensure you have the right diagnosis to choose the right treatment. Various methods have been used to treat Jersey City hand and wrist pain. The following is the crucial information regarding wrist pain.

How to prevent wrist pain?

Since most of the wrist pain is caused by our daily activities, these are some ways you can apply to prevent wrist pain.

  •          Take periodic breaks from typing to help your hand rest.
  •          Lower your keyboard to avoid the wrists bending upward when you type.
  •          Try using the mouse with two hands.
  •          Use the wrist rest with your keyboard, trackpad, and mouse.

When you should contact a doctor

These are the factors that show that you require to contact a doctor.

  •          If you feel pain when tingling up and down your hand
  •          If you are unable to move your wrist, hand, and fingers.
  •          If the pain has lasted more than two weeks, regardless of using at-home treatments.
  •          In case you experience abnormal redness or swelling on your fingers, forearm, hand, or wrist.

Myths about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The following are myths revolving around the condition;

1.     Every hand pain is a sign of this condition.

Most people who operate computers for long hours perceive that when they develop a feeling of numbness on their wrists, it is an indicator of the condition. However, the truth is that individuals can have normal stiffness on their wrist, which could not necessarily imply that they have this carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition has specific symptoms which distinguish it from others. Surgery is the only way to relieve the condition.

Some individuals claim that carpal tunnel pain can only be eased through surgical procedures. Nonetheless, after the diagnosis, different non-surgical treatment techniques can be used to provide a remedy to the condition. For example, ice therapy and a wrist brace can relieve the severity of the condition.

2.     You can only get the condition when you work all day.

Individuals who engage in repetitive use of the hand consistently can be at risk of developing the condition. Therefore, individuals do not have to work all day to have this condition. Other factors such as the history of diabetes can be risk factors for the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.

3.     The surgery is often unsuccessful.

The most common surgery to relieve this condition is carpal tunnel release. It has proved to work effectively in reversing the condition. The surgical procedures require a few weeks of physical therapy to boost grip strength. Revision surgery is also available if the initial surgery did not yield the desired results.

 Most people who suffer from wrist pain have not yet visited the health facility since they believe the pain will eventually go away or do not have the information on where they can get the best treatment. If you are one of these categories, I have a solution for you. Garden State Pain & Orthopedics diagnoses you and offers personalized treatment based on your condition. Visit the facility today and mark the end of your suffering.