Video Games The Whole Family Will Love

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You’d think that “family-friendly” video games would be easy to find, but it can be difficult getting the entire family involved in the hobby. Family-friendly doesn’t just refer to age-appropriate themes for the kids, but it should also feature an easy-to-use experience so that your family members from older generations aren’t overwhelmed by the technology. The kids are actually the least of your worries, in the US alone it has been discovered that 90% of children play video games. 

Qualifying Gaming Criteria

Video games can be incredibly fun and immersive, but games with one or two-player modes, or games with difficult quests that take days to figure out will be lost amongst the older generations and won’t include the whole family. For a game to be family friendly it should be quick and easy, have a choice for everyone to get a turn and should be very easy to use. Once you find these games, you’ll have something more fun to do than an old board game. 

Mario Cart 8 has just been released and is as fun as ever. The incredibly exciting game was a hit by the famous video game makers at Nintendo and has been bringing families together since the early 2000s. Although the player mode is usually 2-person, you can compete in tournaments where everyone gets a chance to play against each other, with the end result being a list of the top 10 champions. 

If your family is competitive, then Mario Cart is definitely the game for you. The characters are hilarious and the tracks are easy enough to use for adults of all ages to be comfortable with. All you need is two remotes to play, but if you want to get really serious about Mario Cart night then you can invest in the steering wheel. This helps players feel like they really are driving and makes the whole experience more fun. 

A Team Effort

Overcooked is a family-friendly game for Xbox and PlayStation. It requires teamwork and has a multiplayer mode. This is the kind of game to choose if you have a smaller family partaking in the game’s night, and requires teamwork as opposed to competition. The objective is to prepare a meal, but there are many mishaps and mistakes that can happen in the process. This results in hilarious chaos that will have you screaming with laughter with your family. 

Snipperclips for Nintendo is a great game if your family loves puzzles, but the youngest always gets bored when playing with a real puzzle. The party mode allows up to four players and there are even mini-competitive games in the play mode that brings a little more excitement than your average puzzle. 

Nintendo Switch Sports has recently been released and Nintendo fans couldn’t be more excited. If your family loves sports but are far away from one another and can’t get to the fields or the court at the same time, then Nintendo Sport is for you. You can make your avatar look exactly like you and play tournaments of tennis, bowling, volleyball and even soccer – thanks to the new leg strap.

This game is especially popular with older generations that also enjoy live casino online entertainment. It’s engaging and interactive and is incredibly easy to use, plus the objective of the game is the same as the real-life sport, so you won’t need to learn any more instructions. Video games can really be fun for everyone and with the latest designs, they have become incredibly easy to use, so get the family together and play one of these fun games.