Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy in 2024

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Keeping your kids busy is not always handing them their favorite device or game controller. In 2024, you can integrate some learning and have them explore their creativity with these five activities.

Build a Sandbox

A sandbox is basically a small box or play area with sand. You can make it as big as you’d like provided there’s enough space in your yard. Your kids will play with sand for hours on end, building sandcastles or things they like, such as a cat, a robot, or something similar. When they’re done, all they have to do is wash their hands and get a change of clothes.

Create a Mini Water Park

Reputable companies like Histar provide high-quality splash pad equipment for building a mini water park. You can make it as fancy as you want, introduce a pool and a slide, or in minimalist style, with a splash pad or two as long as it fits in your space. The more colorful it is, the better.

Experiment with Art

There are plenty of art activities you can do at home, including painting, drawing, and making a collage, to name a few. You can teach your kids DIY art using beads, strips of colored paper, or recycled materials and turn them into usable items.

Encourage Reading

Reading is an oft-forgotten art, but it stimulates the mind and encourages them to imagine the text they’re seeing. Try children’s books or those with images for toddlers, young adult novels for tweens, and paperbacks for teenagers.

Family Games

Dedicate a night for family night and add group games into the mix. The type of game will depend on you and your family’s preference. Add some snacks and refreshments, or some music to make it livelier and you’ll sure to have a good time.