What Is Better CCleaner Or Advanced SystemCare?

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Avast CCleaner

Avast Ccleaner is a computer utility software that provides safety to your device from offline as well as online threats such as Viruses, Trojans, malware, etc. It cleans up space and extra apps running in the background to make sure that the work that you are doing on your PC is not affected by background applications. This makes the PC faster, and a safe and secure device.


  • It has all the features that an appropriate computer optimizer software should have in it, such as cleaning up the extra space, fixing the broken files and drives, optimizing your computer so that it can work in its best form, etc.
  • Apart from the protection of your PC from internal or offline threats, it also provides robust security for your PC from threats that occur over the internet. It prevents tracking and tracing or hacking of your device through the internet.
  • It has an in-built startup optimizer that reduces the rebooting time of the computer by killing the startup process that occupies much time and attention of the computer.
  • It also helps the computer by deleting your browser’s browsing history, caches, and cookies which are unwanted or might be harmful.

Advanced SystemCare

Advanced system care is software that comes with complete solutions for all your PC problems. Everyone is not a professional at cleaning up the computer. Therefore, people require software that does all the work for them without them having to worry about the security and optimization of their PC from online as well offline threats. It does all the cleaning and requires only your approval, not even your attention!


  • The registry cleaner feature of advanced system care is an amazing feature that helps in the fixing and repairing of the broken registry. It also helps in eliminating some bad entries that might occur in your registry.
  • Additionally, it has a feature that backups your registry automatically, without you having to worry about the backups or unexpected loss of data.
  • ●     For the optimization of your computer, advanced system care has a tool for the cleaning up of the RAM of your PC that can ensure better speeds and improves usage of memory by the PC.
  • It has an automatic Tune-up feature that helps in removing unwanted or broken files on your computer and therefore tunes up your computer to be in its best stage.
  • It also comes with a built-in defragmenter that helps you defragment files or even drives on your PC.
  • It also helps the user in reading or writing HDD.
  • It deletes the files that are covering up space on your computer but are not required or downloaded by you, for e.g. useless cache, files left behind by uninstalled software, files automatically downloaded from the internet, etc. 

We have studied the features of both CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare. But which one is a better option? To come to a conclusion, we shall make a little comparison.

. User Interface

When we talk about Advanced System care, all the features of the software are arranged in a way that is very easy to use for any person, either a beginner or a professional. There is a different tools section that has in it all the features of different tools. There are various tabs clicking on which will take you to the respective feature.

Ccleaner, on the other hand, has a minimal user interface. There are a limited amount of tabs and in each tab, you find options for optimization. There is also a Tools tab that provides features such as Startup Manager, System Restore, Software updater, etc. You can also check the CCleaner review before using this product for your satisfaction. 

. Pricing

The cost of a yearly plan of Advanced System care pro is $19.99, which allows you to use it on 3 computers for a year. The Pro version definitely has a large number of features as compared to the regular version such as automatic updates and improved protection.

Ccleaner provides its customers with two versions- Ccleaner Pro and Ccleaner Pro Plus. The Pro version costs $24.95 and supports only 1 computer for a year. The Pro plus version on the other hand costs $39.95 for 3 computers for a year and comes with more features such as file recovery, system information finder, etc.

. Performance And Reputation

When we talk about the performance, it has been found out that both Advances system care, as well as Avast Ccleaner, has a great reputation in the Pc solutions industry. Both of them provide great performance and make sure that the background working of the software does not affect the performance of the computer.

. Compatibility

Advanced system care has its versions only for Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and Mac Operating Systems.

Ccleaner on the other hand comes with versions for Windows, Mac, as well as Android operating systems.

. Support

If you want to get support regarding any query for Advanced system care, you can do it through a contact form or FAQs on its forum only.

Whereas, support in regard to Ccleaner can be obtained via raising tickets, Forum, Video tutorials, and FAQs as well.

After making a comparison, we can see that both Ccleaner as well as Advance system care provide us with a variety of features and tools, and are famous for giving amazing performances. Although the price of the Ccleaner is higher as compared to Advanced system care, the utilities of both of them are quite similar.

Whereas, when we talk about support and compatibility, Ccleaner is a step ahead of Advance system care. Therefore, if you want software full of features at comparatively less cost, you can go for Advanced System Care. But if you want a value for money software, Avast Ccleaner is definitely a great choice. At WebTechCoupons, you can also get lots of discounts and deals.