What is NAD+ IV Infusion Therapy?

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NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a niacin coenzyme that produces energy for cell metabolic processes. Levels of the compound decline as you age, causing several age-related complications. Find out how NAD Beverly Hills treatment can improve your vitality and overall well-being.

The role of NAD+ in your health

NAD is an essential molecule that plays a critical role in cellular metabolism and function. It delivers energy for cellular activities and facilitates the body’s immune response.

NAD+ is the active form of the molecule, while NADH is its passive form. Levels of NAD in your body may decrease as you age. But other factors may include dietary deficiencies or poor physiological health.

Therefore, depleted levels of NAD can increase the risk of age-related immune conditions. It is one of the reasons elderly patients are more susceptible to viral and bacterial diseases.

NAD+ also works closely with another group of proteins called sirtuins. They promote enzymatic activities to stimulate many critical biological processes. Sirtuins support cellular activities such as inflammation, DNA regeneration, aging, and stress resilience.

Sirtuins proteins require NAD+ to repair DNA and regulate the body’s immune response. Supplementing with NAD+ boosts sirtuins production to address age-related conditions.

What can NAD+ infusion treat?

Limit cognitive decline

NAD+ enhances brain function and stops the cognitive decline that comes with aging. Studies show the compound reduces the risk of neuroinflammation, which refers to brain and spine inflammation. Neuroinflammation is linked to neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. 

NAD+ infusion boosts levels of NAD in the body and can increase attention and focus. The treatment regulates the body’s inflammatory response to address psychological symptoms like stress and anxiety. NAD levels may also decrease due to alcohol or substance abuse. Infusion can reverse the process and alleviate symptoms like mental distress.

Increase energy levels

NAD promotes the production of the ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) molecule. ATP is responsible for supplying energy to the cell. Reduced quantities of NADH and NAD+ restrict mitochondrial function and cell repair.

NAD+ infusion therapy minimizes fatigue by boosting energy at the cellular level. It provides fuel for muscles to increase muscle strength and endurance. Daily chores will be easier to perform after NAD+ supplementation.

Enhance brain function

NAD also plays another critical neurological role in facilitating communication between cells. It transmits information from the nerves to the brain, spine, and gut.

NAD+ infusion enhances cognitive function by supporting extracellular signaling from various parts of the body to the brain. Patients often experience a reduction in brain fog or clouded thinking and an increase in clarity.

How is the NAD+ therapy procedure done?

The treatment involves intravenously injecting coenzymes directly into the blood. IV administration prevents the coenzymes from going through the stomach.

An assessment during the initial consultation determines the type and duration of the treatment. Your doctor will ensure the treatment is right after considering your family history.

The procedure usually takes approximately an hour. Some patients may require multiple sessions depending on their condition. But you can expect to experience increased vitality almost immediately.

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