What Is QuickBooks Server Hosting and Who Should Use It?

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When we think of hosting QuickBooks in the cloud, we mostly refer to the public clouds, where setup is mutual and shared by many other clients globally, via the internet. Cloud technology offers many benefits for accountants and CPAs, as it provides great value and reduces costs. However, security issues are still there to worry. This is the major reason for a sudden increase in the number of accounting firms opting for private clouds. Businesses that need more security would need to invest in private clouds. However, they should also ensure that they can trust the performance and availability of services.

What is QuickBooks Server Hosting?

QuickBooks server hosting is a form of cloud computing that is used by only one company or a person who can host their QuickBooks software on a distant server that is isolated from others. QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting offers great performance and a scalable setup which combines accessibility, safety, and time-efficient systems.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits offered by the QuickBooks cloud server.

Increased Security with Dedicated Hardware

QuickBooks on a private cloud provides a great level of protection as compared to a regular version. All the data and records are saved and managed on servers to which no other company can have access. With high-end security, firewall rules, and updated anti-virus, you are assured that your data is in safe hands.

Performance Hike

As the software is hosted on the cloud, systems in the organization are not needed to be updated on a day to day basis. To operate QuickBooks, employees only need access to the internet. Another advantage of hosting QuickBooks on the cloud is its increase in performance. As the hardware of the office computers is not used to run the software, systems in the origination are less loaded and run effortlessly.

Cost Saving

Taking hosting services from a hosting service provider also plays an important role in decreasing the overall operation cost. This can be done by hosting multiple software that is used in origination to the cloud. For example, the same server can be used to host QuickBooks and Office365 for a organization. A simple IMAP migration to Office 365 can be used to host Office 365 in the cloud.

Easier Customization

QuickBooks cloud hosting allows you to customize the service according to your business needs. It can be customized for different objectives, sizes, and other important factors. Determine your business’s requirements and decide what works best for you depending on the scalability, security, and availability requirements.

Therefore, QuickBooks cloud hosting becomes the best option for organizations that can benefit from the better flexibility of a virtualized environment. It improves performance as the servers have more computing power for running heavier applications.

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