What You Should Know Before Getting a Vasectomy

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Are you and your partner exploring birth control methods? If so, you may want to consider undergoing a vasectomy. Because vasectomy is a permanent male sterilization procedure, it can be a dramatic process. So, before you see a Vasectomy Doctor, it is important to know what to expect from the procedure.

Deciding Whether Vasectomy is the Best for You and Your Partner

The decision to undergo a vasectomy must be taken seriously. You should consult your partner before you make your decision final to avoid relationship issues later. The procedure may be right for you both if you are sure not to have kids again, your partner cannot get pregnant because of a health condition, and you both carry a genetic disorder that you don’t to pass on to your children. If you are looking for temporary birth control methods, then vasectomy is not right for you.

Vasectomy is Safe and Effective When Performed by a Doctor

You can get a vasectomy under local anesthesia or conscious sedation. When done under local anesthesia, your doctor will administer pain mediation to your scrotum for numbing. During the procedure, you remain conscious. If vasectomy is performed under conscious sedation, you will get sedation medications that can relieve your anxiety during the procedure. Also, local anesthesia is administered to your scrotum. The procedure involves disconnecting the tubes that transport sperms from your testicles. Following the procedure, your sperm remains in your testicles. Often, you can return to work 2-3 days after the procedure. In seven days, you may be able to resume normal exercise and engage in sexual activity again.

Your Sexual Functioning Stays Intact After Vasectomy

Even if you undergo a vasectomy, your sex drive will not be affected. Also, the procedure won’t have negative effects on your ability to achieve an erection or orgasm. Because the majority of the ejaculate comes from structures like seminal vesicles and the prostate, not the testicle, ejaculation is expected to feel and look the same after a vasectomy. However, should you experience changes in your sexual functioning and drive following the procedure, make sure you contact your vasectomy doctor.

Reversing a Vasectomy is Possible

While a vasectomy can take less than thirty minutes, a reversal of this procedure can take up to six hours. Reversing the procedure is more complicated and delicate than the original procedure itself. Also, a reversal does not guarantee your partner will get pregnant.