When to Consider Sperm Freezing

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You want to be a dad, but at a later date. You may not be feeling emotionally, physically, and financially ready to raise a child, yet you are concerned about your fertility. You may know a friend who has struggled to impregnate you or has a family history that worries you. Sperm freezing Fort Worth can help preserve them for years, making it easier to realize your fatherhood dreams when ready. Among the situations you should consider sperm freezing includes:


Advancing age is among the top reasons to consider sperm freezing. While men don’t hit definite menopause and continue to make sperm, the quality and quantity drop. The quality starts to decline as you grow older, and from 40 upwards, you may struggle to impregnate or have a baby with health issues. Having fewer healthy sperm is a reason to consider freezing them before you hit your 40s, making it easier to actualize your desire to father a healthy child.

Medical Concerns

Medical conditions can take a toll on your body, sperm production included. If you are battling serious conditions such as cancer, sperm freezing is advised. Medical conditions requiring invasive treatments like surgery also affect your overall wellness, which can reduce the sperms your body can make and their quality. Medication to manage health issues can also impact sperm production.

If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, considering sperm freezing soonest possible is ideal. This means the sperm can be harvested naturally through masturbation, unlike where surgical harvesting is necessary since you can’t pass them for freezing.


Does your job endear your fertility? You may be thinking about physically demanding occupations such as the military, but that is not the only line. Overexposure to certain settings can impact your capability to make sperm as well as their function. For instance, if you are exposed to chemicals, heat, or toxins, the condition can lower your sperm production.

If your occupation requires handling concerns like painting materials, pest or herbicides, organic solvents, and other chemicals, you are at high risk of struggling with a low sperm count. Considering sperm freezing at an earlier age when your production is still high if you intend to work in such a setting is a smart way to ease your quest to become a father later.

The Situation

Do you spend considerable time away from your spouse? This can impact your quest to conceive. You may be together when the timing is not right to get pregnant. This is not to mention that you may not be exclusive to one partner, which increases the chances of contracting STDs.

If you are still exploring and engaging sexually with multiple partners, freezing your sperm can help avoid the struggles of conception later when you are ready to be a father. Freezing the sperm if you spend time away from your partner means you can opt for IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in vitro fertilization) even when you are not around when the timing is ripe for fertilization.

Many factors can jeopardize your fatherhood dreams. If your sperm quality and quantity are in question, considering freezing is advised to help preserve them while still viable. Call or visit CARE Fertility today for more on sperm freezing, the procedure, and the benefits.