Why Hire A Personal Nurse

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Living in the comfort of your own home is an important part of life to many people. This is where our family can visit, our friends can have a cup of tea, where we meet our grandchildren and where we go to sleep in our own bed.

It can be a very horrible realization to know that you need extra help to do what you might have done for a long time in your life without any struggle, and it can be even harder to accept that help.

For those who are lucky enough to be able to stay in their own homes and afford outsourced care, this can make the world of difference to their quality of life.

This piece will discuss why you should hire a private nurse for help, and what benefits this can bring.

What is a Private Nurse?

A private nurse is a nurse with all of the qualifications and experience that can be hired for those who need extra help in their home and do not want to go into care.

The difference between hiring a nurse and a carer is that a nurse can oversee much more (such as medical needs) which could be beneficial to the patient.

They will also be able to focus on your specific care plan, and tailor support to your needs without any compromise.

If You Have Complex Care Needs

If you or your loved one has complex care needs, it might be out of a carers qualification to look after them. This means that they would need specialist care in hospital or a home, depending on the situation. If you hire a private nurse, they will be able to take care of a patient with a variety of complex health conditions with the training they have had.

Some examples of these would be:

  • Brain injuries
  • Ventilated care
  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Stroke
  • Neurological conditions
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Palliative care

Having a private nurse can be particularly useful for those who also want to recover or manage their condition in private.

You Want to Stay Home

Depending on your circumstances, you might want to avoid hospitals or care homes, and stay at home where you are comfortable. This can be useful for many reasons. For those with dementia, having an environment that they are used to can make having these symptoms much less scary than being in a brand-new environment with new people.

It can also be a good option for those who are facing palliative care. If you are in an ‘end of life’ stage, you might want to be surrounded by your friends and family with no restrictions, in a place that is your own that you know and love. Hiring someone with specialized skilled nursing can help make that a possibility, making sure everything is as comfortable as possible.

There are many reasons you might want to hire a private nurse, and if you can afford it, it could be a great option for the best personalized care for you and your loved one.