Why You Should Choose Offset Printing Technology for Custom Packaging

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Technology is applicable in every field of life. The same is the case with the industry of custom packaging and printed boxes. We have seen many packaging experts claiming that always go with the option of offset printing technology instead of digital or screen printing. Today, we will compare some printing technologies that are available in the market. After comparison, you will be able to decide on your own that which printing technology is suitable and the best for custom boxes packaging. So, let us jump on to the main part of the topic without having any further discussion.

Some Words about Offset Printing Technology

Offset printing is changed technology as compared to digital and screen printing because in this process printable data is not directly transferred on a printing surface. Firstly, it’s transferred on a rubber blanket and then onto a printing surface. This technology has proved to be a blessing for commercial printing and large order quantities because the price per unit keeps on reducing when you are printing larger order quantities. That’s why it is recommended to use offset printing technology for large order quantities instead of small order quantities.

Let’s discuss some pros of using this technology. Printing results are very crisp and clear when you choose offset printing technologies. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of inks including metallic inks, Pantone inks, and much more.  Its price per unit keeps on reducing when you go with the option of large orders that’s why it is most suitable for commercial printing as well. It can be used on a variety of stocks including Kraft, cardboard, corrugated, rigid, and much more.

Just take an example that you want to launch a product known as beauty cream.Obviously, you would require some packaging boxes for cream. Our recommendation is to always go with custom cream boxes instead of choosing a pre-made option even for the start test. Just suppose that you want to launch the stock (5000 pieces) of beauty cream then offset printing technology would be the best option for you. Generally, packaging experts recommend offset printing when your quantities are greater than 500. But, nowadays many companies are offering low boxes quantities that means that they can start from 100 pieces.

But, it can cost you much higher if you are looking for small printable quantities. Also, it can’t undergo variable data printing. Any changes or edits in the printing process of offset technology is much higher as compared to the other options available in the market. Also, it’s a time taking process than can even take 4-5 days for complete action.

Some Words about Digital Printing Technology

Digital printing technology works on the principles that are much simply because there are no printing plates involved in this process. That’s why you can get the quick delivery of your product. Your artwork is printed through large printers without any limitation of colors. Its setups’ costs are low as compared to the offset technology. That’s why people who have small volume production always prefer to choose it. It is also one of the best possible solutions for variable data printing that you cannot get in other technologies. It is still a considerable option for commercial printing when you budget or setup cost is low. Any change or editing in the artwork is not that expensive.

It can cost you higher for large order quantities. Moreover, you cannot choose the option of metallic and Pantone inks.  Also, its results are not that clear as of offset technology.

Our Final Conclusion:

Without any doubt, offset printing technology works best for the field of custom packaging boxes. There can be an issue when you are going to choose the minimum quantity, as offset printing is an expensive option for minimum orders. But, now there are many companies in the USA that are offering custom printed boxes no minimum at affordable rates. It means, now you can opt for the option of offset printing even if your quantity is starting from 100. Indeed, that could be great news for small businesses as in the USA there are many small businesses working hard to convert their new customers. Without any doubt, innovation in the field of custom packaging can attract more customers towards your product. It can also help you in competing with the giant brands that are available in the market for many years.

Again, the selection of technology for your products is based on your requirements and needs. We have shared some basic to moderate knowledge about the options. Both of them have their own pros and cons. I hope that after reading this complete article you would be able to select a suitable technology as per your needs and budget. You must take a decision wisely that is also beneficial for your product and business.