4 Website Builders That Anyone Can Use To Build a Website

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The internet was invented in the 1940s and since then the internet has been the home to different types of websites. Today there are more than 1.5 billion websites that are available on the internet and around 200 million of them are still active. Considering the large number of websites and their uses, we can safely assume that we need websites for our use.

Websites are the result of writing comprehensive codes in multiple different languages and posting them on the internet. Back then this was the only way the websites were made, hence it required technical information and knowledge of coding to be able to build a website. Nowadays technology has improved significantly and it has led to the development of different website builders that you can use to build your website without the use of any coding languages. These website builders have been revolutionary for people that wanted to build their website without hiring a developer to do it for them.

As of 2019, there are more than 50 website builders that are active on the internet and we are going to discuss the most popular amongst them for your information.


When we think about a website builder the first thing that comes into mind is Wix. Wix is an online website builder that lets its users build their customizable website by using their online website creating tool. You can start your application from scratch and can even use one of the many templates that Wix has and build your website on that theme. Wix has an unmatched library of templates and themes you can use to build your website. Wix offers complete customization options on their websites so that the user can edit the website as much as they like. The interface of Wix is fairly simple and they provide you with tutorials so that you don’t get confused while developing your website.


Whenever we think about website builder, the first thing that comes into our mind is WordPress, WordPress is the most used website builder in the world, and with more than 30% of websites on the internet working on WordPress, we can safely say that you can have a cheap website in Switzerland (Günstige Webseite Schweiz) very easily. WordPress works on the basis of plugins and themes and you can use these plugins and themes by installing them in the WordPress admin panel. WordPress is a very popular option if you want to develop your website and you have some sort of technical experience.


Squarespace is the most recent competitor in our list and it has taken the world by storm because of its stunning templates and state of the art implementation techniques. Squarespace is very similar to Wix in the website creation department. Squarespace also offers drag and drop functionality for creating a website. Squarespace has a huge variety of templates and features that a person can use to enhance the look of their websites. The best part of Squarespace is that it is a one-stop-shop for creating your website. You can get your domain, hosting, and website development all in one place.


Webflow is the last website development tool that we will be taking a look at. Webflow is a website builder unlike any other. While most other tools try their best to make the coding of a website disappear, Webflow embraces the coding and lets its users the ability to design their website using the flexibility of coding without actually writing any sort of code. Its tools interface is similar to Illustrator or Photoshop and filled with features that you can use to make your website unique.